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Thread: Suffering from loneliness, recovery from wisdom teeth removal, and being new

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    So, this whole thing seems pretty clear to me from my title...

    But, clearly I love being a baby.

    I am a guy, but prefer to be seen as a girl online.

    Anyways, the only person who is really okay with me being a baby around her in real life is away for two weeks, leaving me all alone while I recover, and now it's really starting to get to me....

    Yeah, okay...

    I feel so loved...
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    Oh dont feel bad! Everybody on here can keep you company =] since there are people from around the world on this site, there's almost always somebody logged on!
    Click "Chat" in the top bar and then click IRC chat, then you can just... Well... Chat!

    Have fun on the forums!

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    I guess I'll try that...Thanks.

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    Hello and welcome. Enjoy your stay here.

    If you're feeling lonely, follow Me :P 's advice and come into the (IRC) chat room - there are usually some people around to talk to you.

    On a formal note: Please do not write your message in purple colors. Purple font colors are used my the moderators for official messaes (like this one), and to avoid confusion, other members should not post in purple. Thank you!


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    Yeah...I'm not allowed to chat yet or something...

    Shy part: Oh...Okay, sorry, I'll stop..

    Annoyed part: Well then they shouldn't give us the f-ing option to write in purple, should they?!


    This sucks...
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    Welcome to the forums! Sounds like you're having fun or at least keeping busy in IRC.

    I think the reason purple is a reserved color is because it's used to identify moderators and administrators here. Other than Peachy's note above I guess it's more of an unwritten rule, or at least not one that I've seen in any of the FAQ pages. Don't feel bad about it, it was an innocent mistake.

    I would also encourage you to avoid pink, or ayanna may pounce you

    Have fun here and I hope we help you pass your recovery time.


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    Don't worry about avoiding pink :3 Ayanna bites, but she's got no teeth XD Welcome to the forum!

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    Welcome to the place, put your feet up & stay awhile!! You won't ever be lonely here, we will make sure of that!! **hugs**

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