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Thread: Lifespan of a laptop?

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    Default Lifespan of a laptop?

    How long does everyone think a laptop should last? I mean, how long should you expect it to work well without major problems? Two years? Four years? Eight years? Also consider said laptop would be used regularly every day. Do not factor in whether the laptop is outdated or not... just whether it works reliably.

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    Butterfly Mage


    I usually only get 2-3 years out of a laptop. Everything is cheap, Chinese junk these days. Blech.

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    I only have my computers for a year or 2 usually, but most of them were still working fine when I replaced them.

    Things like the battery of a laptop are likely to die after a couple of years, but the machine itself you could have for 5+ years, If you take good care of it, And if you don't mind having a laptop that is heavier and out of date compared to newer ones.

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    I've had two for a while- the good one and the cheap one. The cheap one went kaput when dropped on ice last winter. The one I'm using now I've had since January 2008. I was starting to have some issues with it, then gave it a new HD and Windows 7 (it used to have Vista) last September. It was almost like making it a brand new machine again, aside from a few structural issues.

    The touchpad is going senile. By this, I mean it'll randomly think I tap-clicked when in fact I didn't. This is incredibly annoying because I'll be typing somewhere online, the accidentally "click" outside the text box, and if I hit delete I'll go back a page. I've lost a few long posts here because of that nonsense. The fan's also having trouble in that the ball bearing wore out years ago and now its noisy. The fact that it has an issue with heat distribution doesn't help that. And the hinge is loose. I'm going to attribute that in part to the fact that my screen is 17"- the hinge supports a lot of weight.

    Now those are all structural issues. The electronics (aside from the senile touchpad) are humming along just fine, and replacing the HD last Fall meant that in how fast and responsive the system was was like having a brand new laptop. I don't have any ports that don't work, the power cord is and always was fine, I've never had a memory or graphics card fail, etc.

    It's like a car. You get a few years out of it (3+ for me so far, in this case). You fix things that break. Eventually, the cost of fixing things that break is more significant (when drawn out over time) than just buying a new one. I'm in the stage of ownership now at 3+ years that I'm getting as much time out of it as possible before it goes kaput and I need to pony up the cash for a new one.

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    If you spent more than €500 on it, then you should expect about 5 years of life from it. If you went for the absolute budget end on the other hand, you should expect 2 or 3 years.

    By that I mean that that is the length of time before something difficult to replace, such as the display, motherboard or graphics card dies. Stuff like HDDs and RAM could fail earlier but they're easily and cheaply replaceable (~€100 max). If they are not easily replaceable, slap the manufacturer for their idiocy.

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    They should last at least 5 years for a good laptop.
    I really wish companies would develop a standard dock for all parts and not just weld pieces onto motherboards. MXM cards can be upgraded sometimes, but that's all dependent on the manufacturer. Given the size restrictions, I think if it fits then it should work, just like a desktop.

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    I run distributed computing projects 24/7, like [email protected], on multiple laptops that have lasted over 6 years. A decent laptop will last until a new version of windows or something requires some hardware upgrades and that's about time to get a new one.

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    In my experience it depends more on what you want to do with it than on the hardware itself.
    If all your looking to do is basic web browsing and officey stuff, then you'll probably be happy with it for longer than if your looking to do HD movies, games or heavy weight applications (I'm thinking things like Lightroom, Photoshop, AutoCAD etc).
    Over the years I've worked in IT I'd guess the average survival time for PCs and laptops I've seen is probably around 3 years. It's no coincidence that this is also how long the typical warranty on mid range and above kit runs for either, although I'll leave it to others to speculate as to whether the drive for that comes from the customer or supplier!

    If you want to maximise the life of any new computer, my advise would be to get the best one you can and spend as much as you can on it. Getting one that's high spec today usually means it'll still be able to hold it's own in 3 years time.

    Hope this helps

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    My present laptop is about five years old. The hardware itself works fine, but the batteries are shot. I have one of the massive secondary brick batteries for it in addition to the standard battery, and even with that I only get two hours of battery now (when Mr. X gave me the laptop a few years ago that combo was good for most of a day).

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