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    So here goes my introduction...

    I'm a 26 year old male, computer programmer by day and abdl by night. I like to ride bikes, surf amazon, facebook, hang out with friends. I'm married and although my wife knows about my fetish, she doesn't really partake in it. She has a few times, but it just doesn't turn her on.

    I'm really into BDSM, and I especially like the humiliation side of things which I think is why I enjoy being diapered so much. I've tried the hypnosis files which although I don't think work they are a fun fantasy thing, kinda like you are being forced to do something like mess or wet. [removed]

    I've tried enemas (not a fan), laxatives (not a fan), bisocodal suppositories (not a fan, messed me up bad meant to get glycerin), and finally glycerin suppositories (big fan). I know things like this aren't recommended by a lot of people but I don't know I really like the feeling of no control.

    I wish I had better access to some of the thicker diapers out there, I usually settle on something I can find at a remote walgreens late at night like depends max. protection. I can fit into the kids goodnights and they look good but just don't hold.

    I find it really fun to wear a diaper in the shower, it gets so full and heavy then if you kinda bounce up and down on it it's so squishy. Idk, it's fun :P.

    Anyways that's my intro.
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    Welcome to the site! It's awesome that you have been able to inform your wife - it must take a load off your shoulders! What is your strongest language for programming? I'm really only skilled in Java, unfortunately!

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    Yeah, it is quite the load off my shoulders! Don't know how I would explain her finding a pack of diapers :P. Strongest programming language is kinda like asking what's the best car, everyone will give you a different answer. I do web programming and I really like PHP which then encompasses CSS, Jquery, Ajax

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    I have always heard C++ is one of the hardest programming languages. I tried to learn Java a couple of years ago but the way things are done in it confused the heck out of me. Just didn't make sense to me. I'm better at HTML but CSS not so much. I think CSS hates me because I can never get anything to display properly when using CSS DIV tags. I'll take table tags any day. :-)

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