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    For those of you who are looking to gather the courage to go out in a diaper, let me offer this encouragement.

    I do not usually ride a bike in a diaper, but during cold weather I've done it a few times. Last week I came home from work in a slightly wet bambino and pulled on (long) cycling tights over it and rode the racing bike for a 16 mile spin. I suppose I would have turned around had chafing been an issue, but it wasn't. I did choose a long jersey, then went to a shorter one just for the extra fun of risking a bit of white appearing over the tight in the back. It probably did show a sliver, but not much. Standing in front of a mirror, the front looked like a diaper, but the back didn't look too out of place. I have always figured that a diaper under a cycling tight looks often like a padded short under it, which I do all the time. And of course, spectators can't see your front while you are riding. Yay for bambino, because the diaper did not shred or bunch up or anything bad.

    A few days later I went on a bike errand to pay a bill at the doctors' office (half mile away). Problem was I had just wet the thing and (in regular clothes) I was down the end of my street when it was obvious I had pressed the wetness out of it and onto my gray Dockers. I went ahead with the errand. A car of college age boys passed me but did not seem to take any notice. The bolder step was to change at home into a Dry 24-7 (medium) and go out on my 18 mile loop. (I live in a small town which affords easy access to quite rural roads. It is not like i am riding in Manhattan.) This time I was anticipating a bit more chafing, since these babies are considerably thicker than bambinos. But nope. Yay for Dry 24-7, my favorite diaper. Another concern was that I was a bit farther from the cleats and so my legs were a bit more extended. A strain on the ligaments is always possible when the geometry changes - and one's muscles are dialed into a specific bike fit.

    So should you give this a try? While definitely not for everyone, if you are adventurous, I say go for it. You can always turn around if you feel chafing may be a problem. It is kind of a fun kick to be riding around in a didee. I suppose I should add that my hinie is used to long rides - I have done double century rides nearly every year for the past 18 (200 miles in one day) and today was the first 100 miler this year. (It was without diapers. I am not THAT nutty.) I don't think I would try diapers for anything beyond an hour's ride.

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    I've wondered what it would be like to ride diapered but I've avoided it because I wasn't sure how comfortable it would be. I thought the compression of the diaper against me could cause skin irritation. Even sitting in a diaper on an airplane for a few hours starts to rub the wrong way it seems although I don't have that problem sitting in an office chair.

    Perhaps I will try it one of these days.

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    I'm surprised you made it that long diapered on the bike. I did a 30 km ride home from work in an Abena one day, and that was one of the most awful riding experiences I've ever had. It chafed, my knees hurt from being forced out of position, and I got a rash from 30 km of wet diaper and bike saddle.

    Never again will I do that.

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    24/7 would also be too wide in the crotch to be anywhere near comfortable while pedaling. I'd foresee massive chaffing.

    I've gone on a diapered ride before, but it was in a slightly thinner diaper, and didn't get wet till I was nearly back to the lot.

    One other aspect is sweat. Normally there's not a lot of sweating going on down there, but put on an airtight diaper with padding and it's likely. Then your diaper will clump up even if not wet. Diapers tend to shift all the padding to one side in the crotch when biking also.

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    although ive never riden on a roadbike i have raced in a diaper on my mtb bike ir dirtjumper 20in
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    Hmm sounds interesting although I'll agree with what bambinod said, tis likely to get a little sweaty around there after a while, especially so around the sides where all the movement is. Adding wet into the equation sounds a recipe for pain. That being said, on a casual short ride at strolling pace on a standard British road where the road surfaces are generally full of pot holes and semi collapsed grids, perhaps it could make the journey a little more comfortable

    Personally I'd not have the bottle to try though, even if it was just a couple of miles. I'd be paranoid about anyone seeing which would stop me actually enjoying the ride. Each to their own of course, glad you enjoyed yourself bikingman.

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    Me 2! So painful! Never again althought I thought it was a good idea at the time!

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    Not gonna happen. I'm very particular about having my contact points with the bike 'just so'.

    Aside from that, there's no way to disguise diapers under bike shorts.

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