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Thread: Any luck with the Walgreens brand?

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    Default Any luck with the Walgreens brand?

    Last February I had a pack but it did not held up and it seeped through and got everything wet. I am wondering if they are normally are a good brand or not.

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    I've used them before but they are nothing spectacular. Don't expect really great things from store brands. If I'm going to use something from a regular store, Depend Max is about the best thing you can find unless you go to a medical supply store. Even those can be hit and miss.

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    I did not like the depends max because they have a weird smell to them and it stunk up the whole house. I am not sure where any medical supply companies are around here. I do not want to pay a lot of money for a brand like depends. I am not sure what is affordable and I have no way of ordering anything online.

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    They aren't great but Walgreen's is my current brand of choice because of the low cost and the fabric backing. I boost it with a maximum absorbency Poise pad, and I wear panties over them to hold them closer to my body. This doesn't stop leakage entirely, but it helps.

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    I tried Walgreens Certainty fitted briefs maximum absorbancy in the past, they were ok and held 1 decent wetting before leaking, but they don't particularity like flooding, that's all. What I really liked about them is that they were very comfy. so overall (for me at least) they are decent just for wearing because of how comfortable they are, but not really for wetting as they aren't that reliable at that.

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    I have tried the large size Walgreen's youth sleep pants. They are not the worst I've tried but their not the best either. On the topic of store brands, has anyone tried the Kroger youth size sleep diapers? Kroger would be a good drive for me just to try them.

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    I think I will give them another shot. One time they worked great last time they did not I guess maybe I got a bad bag or something.

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    ive not had too many problems with them, theyre fairly cheap and get the job done for me also the problem people are having with leakage, i think you guys arent getting them held close enough to your body. to get the maximum protection they need to be quite a bit snug or they are going to leak on you

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    I agree with Little Ayria, they really need to be snug against your body or they will tend to leak. Walgreens is my primary brand and I love it!

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