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Thread: Need some advice with first time room mates and. food advice.

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    Default Need some advice with first time room mates and. food advice.

    So over the summer ill be in dc and ill be living with some guys, I have never met them and I've never lived with anyone ill be sharing a room with another dude. I'm not used to this so I'm a bit nervous I'm very used to my privacy. So any tips related to this would be awesome.

    Now in regards to food I have an hour comute and I some quick breakst, portable lunches and cheap and healthy dinners. I'm going to try and lose weight while I'm here so only healthy snacks and what not. So yeah I think ill have some access to a microwave so yeah... any tips related to food would be much appreciated oh and I dunno how to cook.

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    As for breakfast, fresh fruits are the way to go. I also recommend having a toaster if you aren't in dormitory facilities that prohibit them (as some do). Then you can also add the occasional bagel, toast (I like toast with cinnamon when I crave a hot breakfast but lack time or a kitchen), etc etc.

    For dinner, go through an entire supermarket doing nothing but looking, and at everything you see, ask "how would this be microwaved?". It's possible to be a pretty good microwave chef. There are some good options in the frozen foods sections, I usually buy under the labels healthy choice, lean cuisine, and smart ones. Keep in mind that the food won't be the most filling stuff you've ever had, but it's definitely good. Personally, I'm a big fan of lean cuisine's steam-in-the-bag pasta meals that go for about $4 each.

    These will all work great for lunches with two caveats. If you're buying microwavable foods that don't have a built-in vessel (ie, you use your own bowl), you need to get a microwave-safe bowl you can cart with you. Second, you may need a part of scissors if it's not in an easy-to-open container. Also, every supermarket usually has a super-cheap brand of microwavable meals. When I was in college, it was Banquet- traditional style TV dinners for $1 each. They weren't exactly healthy, but were low calorie by virtue of not being terribly big. If you only want a light lunch, that could be the way to go.

    If you have a normal fridge, great! If you have a minifridge, then get one without a freezer (the freezer section of mini-fridges tend to suck, and they're a bitch to defrost). Get a second smaller minifridge, and set the temperature as low as it can possibly go. There's your freezer.

    Keep in mind that the person you're sharing a room with will be, in all likelihood, similar to you. Are you a congressional page (my guess from the sound of what you've been saying)? If so, then there's the angle that it's a prestigious program. The risk you run is that you may be with someone whose political opinions differ from yours, and you might have someone whose family background differs from yours. There was one kid on my floor when I was a freshman who was an extremely irritating combination of conservative, nerdy, rich, and a momma's boy. Feel out the person you're sharing a space with. If it seems like there might be some compatibility issues, lay some ground rules. Be cordial, no complex political discourse when in the dorm, so on and so forth. If you both want to mutually stray from that later, then so be it. But it's harder to implement that rule or deal with the feelings later once you realize you realize such topics are problematic.

    In all honesty, having a roommate is a good experience overall. There are inevitably clashes. But it forces you to mature as a person and in your interpersonal relations, and I think everyone should have the experience at some point.

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