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    Default Relative Newbie Needs Tips

    I have a few questions about my AB/BF life that may be answered here:

    1) Where can I order AB supplies like pacifiers, bottles, etc.? I would also like AB fashions (onsies, feeted pajamas, etc.)

    2) Where can I get clothes for stuffed animals? Build A Bear doesn't have enough options for baby related clothes or for*clothes aimed at boys.

    I currently have a source for diapers, stuffed animals, and a few baby supplies that are actually designed for babies.

    Anywhere I buy from has to have boxes that don't have any printing on the side, or can schedule the delivery date. I don't live alone, but my mom works off and on from August to May, and if the box is unprinted, I can pass it off as a stuffed animal (she knows about that) or video games/computer stuff.

    Thanks for the help, Pandora

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    eBay is really your best bet here - a lot of the AB sites have an eBay store, and lots are exclusively on eBay. You will be able to have contact with the seller before placing an order, so you can then request unmarked packaging.

    That said, most eBay sellers are discrete by nature!

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    Ebay is a good spot. Sung as a Bug is an excellent footie pajama producer out of Canada: small company, high quality, great customer service. Also, they've always been quite discrete.

    You can almost assume that as a given, especially if the seller has been around for any extended period of time. You're not going to keep AB/DL customers if you go around sharing information.

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    Thanks for the tips, until now I've just used amazon to get things.

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    I take it you're in America - I can't recommend any specific sites because I'm in the UK, but there are lots of sites out there and as people have said they're all very discreet. Google and have a good look round. One that springs to mind for adult baby fashions is Forever A Kid Adult Baby Clothing - Home Page - they have some lovely shortalls I wish I could save up for

    You might think about ordering bottles and stuff from online supermarkets or drugstores, because you can always explain the packaging away as groceries or toiletries.

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