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Thread: Ahhhhhh... Calvin and Hobbes!!!!

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    Default Ahhhhhh... Calvin and Hobbes!!!!

    I hit the jackpot Friday. I spent over 20 bucks on used Calvin and Hobbes books, I bought home six of them. I loved Calvin and Hobbes when it was on it's run from 1985-1996. That strip is one that is for the ages.

    Many here have probably never heard of Calvin and Hobbes. Basically Calvin was a 6-year-old who's best friend was a stuffed tiger, who when adults were not around, would become a real tiger. It was funny. It was priceless, and I am glad this is my biggest score of the year.


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    I was a big fan of calvin and hobbes, and garfield comic books when I was growing up. I have a lot of the calvin and hobbes/garfield comic books that I collected over the years that I still occasionally read.

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    Little ollie


    I used to have one of those book and it was awesome I loved it.

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    ooh eyah you DID hit the jackpot, calvin and hobbs were the reason i picked up the morning paper as often as i did

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    It was a great comic strip. Probably the best.

    Here's the very last Calvin and Hobbes strip Waterson ever wrote:

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    awww i love calvin and hobbes but i am HUGE peanuts fan linus was always my favorite :]

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    I loved Calvin & Hobbes, and was so sorry to see it go away. As you say, though, there are still all those anthologies floating around, and the messages are still fresh today.

    Congrats on your find; enjoy !!!

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    I remember that...I remember reading it in the morning with my dad...I never found them funny though, but I liked them...

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    Nobody hit the mark like Bill Watterson. The way he drew Calvin... those little 'dinner-bun' shoes, and the way he let Calvin use adult words (geez, that kid had a vocabulary!) and ideas, yet keep his childish views.

    In a way, Calvin seems like an AR victim, that way; like an adult who has been regressed to a 6-year-old, retaining all his intelligence, but none of his maturity.

    I like Calvin and Hobbes in the same way I DON'T like Garfield... Garfield is the Walmart of comics. It is drawn to appeal to the largest audience possible, and its author goes to work in a massive office building, the 'home office' of Garfield, and he controls an empire of marketing. Bill, the author of Calvin and Hobbes, by contrast, never, ever allowed marketing of his product except the anthologies; any stickers etc. you see of calvin pissing on things, etc, are made by unlicenced manufacturers, and Bill gets nothing for it.

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    I always loved Scientific Progress Goes "Boink," the Transmorgrifier was amazing.
    I always hated those pictures of Calvin taking a leak on things, I always thought that the manufacturers completely ruined something perfect.
    On another note, Bill Waterson was almost a graduation speaker at my school, almost.

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