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Thread: What should i do?

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    Question What should i do?

    During the past 2 months or so i've felt really weak but i've been doing my usual rotuine for the whole time (my rotuine is weekly) and nothing has changed in my rotuine so i just can't find what's making me feel so weak?
    Any tips / comments all are welcome unless rude then keep them to yourself.
    Sorry if spelling errors no spell check on ipod

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    Keep monitoring it, go see a doctor if it gets worse.

    You could have a viral infection. You could be sleeping poorly. You could have injured yourself and not realised - so the routine is making you worse.

    Without knowing more, I can't really say with any definite idea sorry!

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    I'm sleeping fine or more than usual which might help you.
    Plus i do move while i sleep.

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    A lot of things could have changed without your knowing.

    Added stress; waking up in the middle of the night without remembering it; not eating correctly; an infection or illness that's yet to be undetected; etc, etc.

    As Eeyore stated, the best thing to do would be to monitor it for a little while and then tell someone about it, like a doctor.
    Get yourself checked out and see if anything is wrong, or if anything has changed.

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    Ok thanks for the advice both of you

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