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Thread: Finally...some peace and quiet.

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    Default Finally...some peace and quiet.


    My entire family will be gone for 5 nights in about 3 weeks.

    This has never happened before. The idea of going "24/7" has never really intigued me..but I think i may try it for that week. (not including #2).

    Other than that, idk. any suggestions???

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    *Crashes in making lots of noise* You should do whatever you feel like doing...Don't feel pressured into wearing 24/7 and doing lots of babyish things unless you want to...It's not you have to, to be a valid member

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    Doing #2 isn't that bad.

    And since you've got a week.

    Maybe you should try a laxative or enema..

    just to be bold.

    I mean..

    The smell and clean up wont be any issue

    since you have no nosy people around.

    (unless you're just plain lazy)

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    I recently had a similar opportunity, with my family not being around for almost a week.
    I ordered some diapers online.

    I didn't wear 24/7 though, I get bored with TBism if I do it too much.

    Not sure if I have any suggestions of what to do... just enjoy the time!

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    Throw a huge diaper party...and invite us all!

    Seriously though, the best thing you can do is wear diapers when you feel like it and otherwise go about your normal activities. Maybe you can reserve an hour or two for TB stuff, but don't go overboard or - as Charlie explained - you'll have lost interest before the week is up.


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    Sounds like you've got a fun TB week coming up, Revolution36! To be able to regress as much as you'd like with no fear of someone walking in on you. Have any old baby furnishings stashed away from when you or siblings were babies? If it were me I'd put up our old crib and highchair - try napping in the crib and eating in the chair. If you still have anything like that it might be fun for you to try out.


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    Y'all really don't understand how lucky you are to even have access to those... resources. :P

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    home alone...the perfect time to go 24/7!!

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    thats basically how i am right now, my parents are gone for a while and i have off and on worn, but not too much because I have work and all

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