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Thread: Gotta Job, a Great Job!!! -dances-

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    Default Gotta Job, a Great Job!!! -dances-

    I've been looking for a better job for a while, and finally got the top one on my list. It's only a summer one, but it pays 10 dollars an hour just to relabel and reshelf things. I get to sit down, drink a soda, and take several breaks. Plus it's five days a week, plus overtime. I'm losing my summer, but receiving a good paycheck.

    Plus, it's an awesome reference! I'm so happy...I'm dancing inside!!!! Found out 3PM, and it just kinda hit me. YAY!!!

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    Congrats. =)
    Now, it's my turn to find a job.... that I have been struggling for past 2 1/2 years. =P Hopefully I find one sooon!

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    Hey there, Congrats. Never too late to jump on the job express, I just hoped on too, and what a wonderful thing it is.

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    I have an awesome job too. It's where I get to cut, punch, and form pieces of metal all day. No it's not really that awesome, but the supervisor also helps me on whatever project I may have otherwise as long as it involves metal fabrication and welding.

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