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Thread: Anybody know of any non-latex adult size pacifiers?

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    Default Anybody know of any non-latex adult size pacifiers?

    Unfortunately, the only adult pacifiers I know about are latex, and I am allergic. I've been reasonably content to suck my thumb, but it would be nice to have a passy.

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    Unfortunately I think the only adult paci is the latex NUK 5. I strongly prefer silicone so I have done quite a bit of searching on this. If you can get used to sucking on a toddler-size paci (I like the MAM 6+) you might find that sufficient. Some people like the NUK genius 18 + but the nipple is a little too flat for my preference. Good luck!

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    there also is a mam 18+ pacifier out there but youd need to get it imported from europe and im not sure if they come in the silicone version or not, youd have to look around

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