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    Default Hi there.

    I am AB but also genuinely incontinent due to diabetes, and I am married to a very closeted AB/DL. For this reason I want to have as little personal information as possible in my profile. I want to protect my husband's privacy, since I am the only other person in the world who knows that about him.

    My husband and I are both "switches," meaning we can play the role of either the baby or the parent. But he is more DL than AB. He wears diapers primarily in preparation for us doing what married couples do together sometimes, trying to be delicate here. He doesn't want to be discovered using diapers at work, but occasionally we have gone out together, wearing diapers, and nobody knew it but us.

    At home he will put on a diaper and his adult baby sleeper (his is blue, mine is pink) when he needs to release stress. I'd like to get him to be more babylike when he does this. Even when he is not in baby mode, he has a favorite "blankie" that he likes to snuggle with when he is tired, and he puts just the tip of his thumb in his mouth. He wasn't even aware he was doing that until after we met, and I pointed it out to him. I think it's just so cute. That's why I want him to call me Mommy, use baby talk, cry for me when he needs to be changed, things like that. But for his half of the relationship, he is mostly DL as opposed to AB.

    I, on the other hand, am a total AB. I don't need to role play with the diapers. That's already a part of my life. I've been a bedwetter all my life, and now because of nerve damage with the diabetes, I have daytime accidents too. I'd have to wear diapers even if I were not AB. I am more interested in other babyish behaviors. In my first official post, I'll state what I do that is AB besides wearing diapers, and ask others if they do those things too.

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    I am happy you found each other; I love to hear of happy couples and especially happily padded couples. I foresee you making plenty of interesting threads in "adult baby" forum. I'll be there.

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    Im Glad You Are Happy With Your Relationship If You Need Help I Will Be There

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    Welcome to the site! It sounds like you and your husband have a very good marriage, it's awesome that you found each other! Was it due to a common interest, or purely coincidental?

    Oh and I'll echo Raccoon - I look forward to some *interesting* topics!

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