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Thread: Hey everybody.

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    Default Hey everybody.

    So does anyone else have a phobia of posting in forum. I've always been scared of talking to people, I can post some topics with no fear since there little connection but when talking about like who I am I get sick to my tummy cause I'm scared of being rejected by everyone.

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    Feels bad, bro. A lot of people are like that, many of my friends actually, and I definitely understand.

    Though it's just one of those obstacles in life you either overcome, avoid or continue dealing with 'til the day you die. Hopefully you do find a way to overcome this obstacle.

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    I guess you just have to have faith that we are accepting of you. As you know from your time on here, we generally are open-minded and listen to you. Obviously if you make an abusive post, you will get told it's unacceptable. But any other post, even if it's controversial, will at least get some form of discussion about the issues.

    I appreciate that you are scared to put personal feelings/stories on here, but I find that actually writing about myself helps me cope with issues or questions I might have.


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    You don't come across as that scared from your posts here. But I understand what you're on about. I get the same feeling sometimes, a lot of times I write up a reply and don't post it because it's too revealing or something. Or I worry about something I did post, or that I maybe should've posted something but didn't.. hehe.. either way I'm gonna be neurotic about it. The best way is to try to expose what you're comfortable with, it'll become easier to share some of it over time, and if it doesn't, it's fine to keep it to yourself. There's no obligation to talk about anything
    And are you scared about posting here (on this forum), or about talking to people in general? There's a difference...I got stuff I would never post here but I talk about with people I'm close with, and the other way around.

    If it's just rejection you're scared of, there isn't a whole lot to fear on this forum.. what eeyore said

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    I can understand where the fear would stem from, as in many forums people are really mean and sarcastic. Somehow anonymity turns people into jerks. LiveWire Teen Forums are probably the worst case of this I've ever seen (but that's what happens when you let 13-year-old boys surf the internet). Fortunately, the ADISC community is pretty accepting and you have nothing to fear about rejection!

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    has nothing to do with rejection but i have a strong phobia of knocking on doors/ringing doorbells. i have no idea why, when i was 15 i knocked on a guys door and got a reply in the sound of racking a 20gauge from the other misterD sed you are completely anonymous so say what you mean and mean what you say.if anyond dosent like it than fuck them.who are they anyway? just a ip address

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    Then I shall make a new topic lol ^^ I had an interesting experience lol

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    Yeah, I know how you feel.

    Actually, ADISC has helped me be more outgoing, even in RL. Go figure!

    Anyway, there are a lot of jerks here and in RL.
    But, we tend to focus on all the negative people, who (I think) are actually a small minority.
    I think there are actually WAY more accepting people than there are bullies or trolls.

    And, like Sdogg said, if someone doesn't like you, Fuck 'em!
    Hugs! :3

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