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Thread: Diaper at college doctor

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    Okay now I know most everyone on this board agrees with me that we should not expose our diapers to the public or fake incontinence so that we can take our pants off at the doctors office in nothing but a diaper. But in this situation what are you opinions?? So your at college and you get sick like have a fever or something. Then you go to the on-compus health center just to get checked out by one of the doctors. Would it be so wrong to wear a diaper to that checkup?? Ive never had to take my pants off at the health center at my school and ive been there a few times. It would be exhilarating to have the diaper on so that when she has to lift my shirt to listen to my heartbeat, she would see the waistband of the the diaper. Or maybe just the bulge if I had to lay down on the table. If she asked abut why I was wearing I could just say that I am getting treated at the urologist when I go back home over break or the summer.

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    I'm sure the doctor or nurse would be very professional and not say anything, and I'm sure they've seen worse. However I think this crosses into the "Don't subject others to your fetish unwillingly" thing. Don't make others uncomfortable for your own enjoyment.

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    I'm with Beau, share it with loved ones - but not the public.

    I'm sure they've also seen worse. I heard story from our campus doc at a STD lecture about a couple who got "infected" after using mayonnaise as a lubricant. She got infected worse than he did.

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    I can see the appeal, but it's wrong to make people uncomfortable solely for your own pleasure. Of course, doctors wouldn't be too bothered by it as they've likely seen diapered patients before. Still, I wouldn't risk making them or anyone else uncomfortable.
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    You... want people to know that you're wearing a diaper? That's kind of the opposite of most people here would want, but uhh, anyone in the medical field isn't really going to think much other than that you might need medical treatment and are unwilling to admit your bladder problems.

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    actually pepsiman, you would be suprised at how many of the members on this board "would" want to expose their diaper but don't because its wrong in most cases. It gives many a rush that just feels good, don't know how to explain it.

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    I don't really think there is anything wrong with it. These are professionals trained to handle a variety of situations. Some of us choose to wear diapers as our undergarment of choice, others prefer thongs or boxers or briefs.

    However depending on your motives for doing this it might be unethical/immoral to wear in certain circumstances where you are forcibly exposing others to this.

    Do they have to know it is a fetish? No, and quite frankly that would probably freak them out a LOT more than if they just assumed you were incontinent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blueberry View Post
    actually pepsiman, you would be suprised at how many of the members on this board "would" want to expose their diaper but don't because its wrong in most cases. It gives many a rush that just feels good, don't know how to explain it.
    I see, kind of like that guy who pretended to be autistic and had a babysitter change his soiled diaper. Makes the rest of us look even worse.

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    I suppose you could wear your diapers to the doctor as long as you are willing to be honest, should she ask, and say that you are an infantilist. That she should understand as a professional. It would be very wrong to say you are incontinent, if you aren't. You would sidetrack her with that kind of information, and she may even want to treat you for it.

    If you want to expose your diaper to your doctor, then you have a responsibility to be honest. I would also be prepared for them to want you to remove your pants. All things are possible.

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