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Thread: May 21, 2011 - World Ending?

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    Default May 21m 2011 - World Ending?

    According to Harold Camping's prediction, May 21, 2011, the "rapture" will occur.

    Are you ready? What are your thoughs about this happening?

    P.S. - It's scheduled for 1800 Z.

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    No, nothing will happen tomorrow. Just wait til 2012...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeffreorama View Post
    No, nothing will happen tomorrow. Just wait til 2012...
    Nope. Still nothing.

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    My argument to anyone who takes this seriously (or the 2012 date, or the 2060 date, etc..) is if they truly believe the end is coming ... why not sell all their possessions and give everything to their favorite charities. Maybe the money will do some good in the short time remaining.. maybe they'll even be saved!!

    Pay this kind of stuff no heed.. doing so is silly and irresponsible. The date will either get changed (when they discover a misinterpretation or some such) to some date wayyy in the future when someone else can deal with it .. or the date will come and nothing will happen.

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    There's already a thread about this.

    Buuuuuut.. I cannot wait for the clock to hit the 21st. It'll be hilarious.

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    Likely because they know there's no point to give away all their things and they want to spend what little time they have left doing something fum. Plus everyone know's it's been called before but never happened.

    Also the rapture starts in less then 10 hours or so the guy claims.

    The Rapture Is Not Saturday -- It's Tonight - Tina Dupuy - Politics - The Atlantic

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    Well, it's been the 21st in Australia for about 6 hours now, and I haven't heard anything.

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    The Rapture has already happened.

    Randy Savage sacrificed himself in death to protect the world from it.

    He is the new Jesus Christ.

    Dig it.

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    It's incredible that some people actually fall for this BS. I honnestly can't wait for the justificatiin once the world doesn't end tommorow...

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    Well I have never been a believer of any of those "the world ends XX.XX.XXXX"-Armageddon-theories....
    frankly I believe they're are all utter bollocks.

    But hey, if the shit hits the fan and the world goes down fast, I'll climb up the rooftop, take the ipod & speakers, put in some blue oyster cult, drink a few good ice cold beers and enjoy the show.

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