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Thread: Breastfeeding - Purely male desire?

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    Default Breastfeeding - Purely male desire?

    This has been on my mind for some time now and I was wondering what people's views are on it.

    I am a female. And I would try breastfeeding. There aren't many women on this site so statistics are a little skewed but to me, it seems there are very few AB girls who would want to do it. Most seems to have breastfed their partners, as I have, but I also have the desire to want to do it. Oddly, I find that quite shameful and even now i'm embarassed just writing this in an empty room on a forum of people who have no idea what my real name even is.

    So, the point of the post. Do you think it is a mostly male desire? If so, why? Am I unusual in being a girl and wanting to do it?

    (Yes there are pictures of girls doing it on quite a few pay sites but, because they are pay sites, I assume they are models and so they do not necessarily count as wanting to do it, rather than doing it for the money, if you know what I mean).

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    I don't think it's even that much of a male desire to be fair. It's not something you hear talked about commonly really. So saying it's a mostly male desire put a bit of a spin on it. Also the fact that ABDL's tend to be mainly males as well would suggest that it will be mostly guys. :X

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    Well, statistics will show male ABDLs would prefer it I think... purely because of sheer number of men opposed to women that are ABs. But as a bisexual female, I really would enjoy breastfeeding, or pretending to do so even if actual lactation did not occur. There's just this idea of a very strong Mother and baby bond that is just truly amazing with the care involved... Yeah. But I'm biased since I like women a lot. However, I know of someone that likes men and would like to pretend to breastfeed from a Daddy regardless of social norms. *Shrugs*

    I don't know, but I don't think it's just men. There's no reason for it to be just men. ^.^ I'm not sure it's talked about, but preferences don't have to be gender based. So... yes you're unusual for wanting it, but we're all a bit unusual here, not wrong, just different. Maybe you're not that unusual? Maybe that'll come out in this thread. It's actually really not an overly odd lesbian practice (but more sexually based than AB stuff). You'd get less raised eyebrows with just breastfeeding than being an ABDL to be honest.

    But basically this is a "me too!" and a "you're not alone!" reply. ^.^ It's something very intimate (not necessarily sexual) and it would make sense for someone to want that sort of bond with someone and the complete care of having food of sorts/sustenance provided directly from another person.

    ... I'm not sure if that sounds odd, but that's part of my reasoning.

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    I must say, I don't think I've seen any studies regarding breastfeeding in AB - has anyone encountered any themselves? I can't imagine that it is something that more males would want than females - after all, babies are breastfed regardless of their sex. So given the AB mindset, both male and females should want it on the same level. I'd imagine any surveys would simply be suffering from selection bias when representing facts; rather than for example 95% of men saying yes versus 30% of women.

    I guess if you take breast-feeding at it's scientific form - a mother feeding their child, I would expect more straight women would say no than straight men - in the same way that I'd prefer to be changed by a mummy than a daddy; they may be unable to get past the intimacy with the same sex. In the same respect, I'd expect more homosexual women to say yes than homosexual men.

    However, if you bring in the concept of pseudo-breast feeding, i.e using a male nipple, I'd expect the male/female yes/no ratio to balance out.

    I say this because I hypothesise that some homosexual men would prefer breast feeding contact with the same sex for similar reasons to me wanting an opposite sex. And I guess it could also be possible that some straight women would want to simulate breast feeding on a male nipple rather than female.

    I'll admit, I am partial to nursing - I don't think I'd want human breast milk though. For me, it's the closeness that the act brings, not the actual act itself. It signifies complete care and nurturing from the feeding partner - certainly traits I aim for from any AB regression play.

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    Personally. the whole breast-feeding scenario doesn't even really appeal to me. I know it appeals to some people on this forum, but I would put it in the same category as messing diapers, eating baby food, or any other activity that people have different opinions on. It's just one of those things where it can be a love or hate relationship.


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    I think that most statistics would show as 'mostly male' anyway. More men are willing to talk about their fetishes, so it almost always appears skewed towards more men being into anything.

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    It's certainly not a male-only desire -- you're far from the only female who I've heard express an interest in it ever. I guess we could talk about why it seems to be a mostly male thing, but it's certainly not limited to male ABs.

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    I have wanted to try it not sure how I like it. I love to suck on my wifes breast. I think some girls would like to try.

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    I can't say it's completely a females giving/males receiving fetish. Some women think body fluids are gross, but it seems like the females that do accept it think of it along the lines of maternity and child rearing.
    I could be way off, but that's what I gathered from talking to others and internet posts.
    To other women, no it's not weird, but like all females that think beyond 'missonary' those topics aren't talked about it seems.

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    The idea of breastfeeding does not appeal to me at all (unless I am the one doing the feeding, and only then to a baby, I wouldn't want to breastfeed an adult partner) and, whilst I would be interested to try breast milk, I would not want to drink it from a breast. I guess I am one of those girls Kite mentioned who thinks bodily fluids are kinda gross, and I am a bit of a picky eater at times and I think breast milk would come under the list of 'foods I am wary of.' That said, I don't think it is a particularly odd interest to have, or see any reason why it would be odder for a woman to want to breastfeed than a man, it's just something that does not appeal at all to me. I don't know why, but I see breastfeeding very much as something special I will want to share with my future children, and not something I would want to share with another adult; something which is purely about me as a mother, rather than me as an AB.

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