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    I've noticed recently when wearing to bed that even though I tape it up tight, within 30 mins of wearing the front waist starts to get loose...

    I then use the double tape system to tighten it further, but I'll wake up in the middle of the night and find it is loose yet again...

    I'm wearing an Abena M4, so there isn't a stretch waist band. I also get fairly hot in my sleep, so I assume the heat is allowing the wings to stretch?

    That said, does anyone have any ideas to avoid this? Or think it seems like an Abena issue?

    Thanks in advance!

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    That's weird, I've never had this problem, but I suspect it's because you make it so tight the whole thing just stretches? That's my guess. I have the L3s' but I don't make them extremely tight or anything, I make them to where they are comfortable yet have a snug fit.
    Sorry I couldn't be of much help, but so far I've only used 2 L3s, and I've yet to see this problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DusTochNiet View Post
    I have the L3s' but I don't make them extremely tight or anything, I make them to where they are comfortable yet have a snug fit.
    What do you define as a snug fit? For example, I tape it tight enough that the front wings wrap flush to my skin - when it then loosens, I can easily fit a hand down inside... which I presumed was loose - but it's entirely possible I don't have a clue how to put a diaper on properly!!!

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    This is an issue with abena's sadly. I think you're retaping up a bit too soon though. I'd leave it a couple of hours before retaping. There is a stretch band, on the back.

    I suffer from this more because of my belly getting in the way. You could try taping it up lower, where there's a little less movement. The movement is the main thing that causes the stretching.

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    Thanks for both your advice, I'll give it a try the next time I wear!

    *hugs for all!*

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    Well, I do it to where I can't fit a hand down the front, I make that tight enough to where I don't have to worry about a leak there, the legs are the ones that seem to be the problem, at least for me. The top never loosens up for me so that's a weird problem (maybe it might be a 4 series problem?)

    I actually put mine on in a way I thought of myself, let me try to explain as best I can rofl. ok, assuming you have the front over your "area", I do the first bottom tape on the left as I'm left handed. So here is how I do my tapes: I pull the front leg part of the diaper as tight as I can, bringing it under the wing part, then I pull the wing part tight and tape it, then I do a finishing rubbing of the tapes (helps keep the tapes on) then on the top, I do basically the same thing on top and the other side, if I screw up and it isn't snug enough, I pull off the blue tape and try again, I'm getting better though.

    So anyways, I think it might be that your tape isn't sticking very well, so try rubbing on the tape once you have it where you want it, I always do that to make sure it stays in it place. Try rubbing it for about say...10 seconds. should work, if not try my diapering method if you like it, that's what I do to get the best fit possible, note that I do it laying down.

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    It's nothing to do with the tapes believe me. And the way you put on a diaper is no way near unique :P. I also happen to know that this is an issue with the m3's and l2's. It's all to do with the plastic stock. Although next time I will try your idea of just not taping the top super snug like I'm used to.

    It sounds like you're taping the legs up super snug like we do, which is causing it to loosen through stretching. Sadly I don't think you can tape these ones a little loose, otherwise the nappy would fall down :O.

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    Generally, if you can't fit a hand down the front, I'd assert you're taping it too tightly and stretching the plastic. That, or as was suggested above, you might just need to make sure the tapes are seated well. I've never has issues with stretching at the waist, but I have stretching at the legs really badly because I have to tape the legs super tight to make the diaper fit worth a damn. (another reason I prefer cloth-they fit much better over my cyclist legs).

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    I've heard abenas have issues with stretching plastic, so that could be it. You could try ripping some ducttape lengthwise and placing the strips across the part you suspect of stretching to provide support for the plastic (ducttape doesn't stretch). You could also try pre-stretching the diaper a bit before putting it on.

    I've also found that a lot of issues with fit or leaks are due to taping it up too tight (and a lot of taping it too tight is because of leaks, its a vicious cycle). If you tape the legs too tightly, it won't allow the leak guards to stand up properly. If you tape the top part too tightly it'll stretch the plastic around the tapes, causing an odd fit and allowing the diaper to sag.

    For a 3 tape diaper I've found it's best to make the top tapes level and as high as possible, no tighter than you'd make a belt (get them above the padding if you can). Angle the middle tapes downwards at 45 degrees and over the bulk of the front of the diaper to help hold it up and counteract sag, put very little tension on them since the diaper swells when wet, providing tension automatically. The bottom tapes should follow the contours of the leg opening, and be loose enough to fit a finger in and stand the leak guards up.

    For a two tape diaper I do the top tapes the same as with a 3 tape, but put the bottom tapes as low as possible and slanting downwards at a 45 degree angle over the padding, leaving the leg openings to fend for themselves in terms of tightness.

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    Cheers everyone for the advice! I agree, it seems to be an Abena issue; it hasn't happened with other nappies before!

    That said, I just assumed a nappy should be tight like a pair of underpants... I'll investigate the next time I wear and make sure it's not too tight on the waistline!

    Thanks again!

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