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    I know they are less absorbent than a tab style, but I prefer them and am looking for some opinions on a few I have been looking at. Also am looking for some suggestions. I plan on these being for nighttime use so one or two wettings worth should be plenty.

    Abena Abriflex
    I am a fan of Abena, and these look pretty good.

    Tranquility Overnight
    These were my second choice if I felt like going cheaper per diaper.

    Prevail Pullons
    Would have liked it if the Super Plus had a small.

    Tena Pullons
    I liked the look of these, it had a good price.

    ]Tranquility Select Pullons
    This was worst case scenario, if I wanted to go really cheap. 15oz seems like about one and a half wettings though.

    Surecare Pullons
    Again, looked great if it had a small.
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