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Thread: I'm never buying depends again!

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    Default I'm never buying depends again!

    At first I was going to buy some Truly diapers from Zellers after a good friend recommended them, but they were sold out in the medium size. So today, after work, I popped over to Walmart to pick up some goodnights, and I decided to peek in at the adult diapers first. Low and behold, there were packages of Equate Fitted Protection. tl;dr, I bought the mediums, and this is what I found:

    Fabric backing material:
    -Wings are somewhat stretchy
    -Breathes nice: no sweating
    -Two really thin yellow lines... turns blue when wet
    -Entirely white

    -2 wide tabs on each wing
    -Essentially velcro
    -Refastens multiple times
    -Kinda cute blue cross-hatch pattern on tab material

    -Blue center super absorbant strip (like a maxi pad)
    -Thicker padding material

    -Fits great
    -Wide padding creates evident crotch and butt bulge (if that seems important or not)
    -Can be tugged and pulled without fear of tearing or losing tab "stickiness"


    -Cheap: $16.99 CAD for a 20 pack (medium size)
    -Cloth backing actually feels like infant diapers
    -Stealthy! Virtually no sound, tabs are significantly more silent than Depends.

    -Some evident bulge.
    -Hard to identify diaper size on package (without picking up packages to read them)


    I haven't used them yet, so I can't provide an accurate review on wettings, but I suspect they wouldn't be very spectacular while lying down. Fabric backing material = leaks through diaper? If anyone wants a wetting review, I can find a time and place to try it out.

    As is, I don't think I'll ever buy Depends again. These are absolutely fantastic in design and fit, and they're much cheaper.

    I was too lazy to check if a review on these diapers has been done yet, but who doesn't love multiple reviews? I really hope this helped everyone.

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    Those sound somewhat similar to the CVS/Walgreens generic brand ( I think its been established that they are the same)

    Have you ever tryed those?

    Anyone care to compare?

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