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Thread: DIY Diaper...the bambi way =)

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    Lightbulb DIY Diaper...the bambi way =)

    im not sure if this is the right place to post this , i apologize if its not or if something similar has been posted already.

    its my understanding that most people who fancy diapers are either too shy to go and buy some or dont have the funds... so im pretty hands on and DIY savy , today i was making a project when i noticed the texture of what i was making reminded me of a diaper. =) heres is my idea for a cheap but realistic DIY diaper with fused plastic.

    trial and error is a big part of DIY so dont get discouraged if it doesnt come out right the first time.

    you will need;
    • plastic bags ( garbage bags , grocery bags , ect )
    • an iron
    • parchment paper ( two sheets )
    • a sanitary napkin(optional)
    • scissors
    • alittle tape
    • measuring tape
    • creativity

    !!!!!!**** please do this in a well ventilated area, and be careful *****!!!!!!

    *cut the bags into even strips* i do this by cutting off the handles of the plastic bags , and cutting across the bottom of the bag to get an even double layer of plastic.

    *layer two or three bags at a time*flatten them out over each other the best you can.

    *sandwich the bags between the two pieces of parchment paper * make sure the parchment paper covers all of the bag surface , or you will get melted plastic all over your iron.ew.

    *carefully run your hot iron over the parchment paper * only leaving the iron on one section for a few seconds , this will melt the plastic , fusing the bags together giving you that real diaper look and feel . please be careful not to burn yourself .

    the more layers of plastic , the thicker and more realistic your diaper will be .( the ripples in the plastic are fine, were making diapers not tarp style bags . alittle bubbles in the plastic is fine )you will be able to tell when youve gotten the plastic to the right consistency .the plastic will be thicker and will look and feel like a diaper...and alittle shinny lol .

    *measure around you waist * use this measurement for cutting out your diaper pattern. should look like this

    * cut your diaper out of your plastic * try your best to get the shape similar to the picture

    * add personal touches (optional ) * used diff color plastic to cutt out designs and fuse it to your diaper , can make hearts or cars , stars anything =)

    *add sanitary napkin *most sanitary napkins have an adhesive tape on the bottom so stick it to the crotch of your diaper for some ( minimal ) protection and a more realistic feel. these can easily be replaced.

    * add tape * two strips of tape to hold the side flaps of the diaper in place just as a real one would . =)

    ( optional if you have access to a sewing machine you can sew the edges for a cleaner finish , but it is not necessary)

    now you have a pretty diaper .

    fused plastic would also make pretty bibs( i would layer the plastic alittle less for bibs ,so they turn out more stiff and ...tarp like lol ) !

    i hope this is helpful , looking forward to replies and feedback and seeing how everyones diapz come out =)


    youtube link on fusing plastic
    YouTube - ‪Etsy How-To: Fuse Plastic Bags!‬‏
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    looks like a lot of work! I looked at a couple different videos about fusing plastic and you can do a lot of neat stuff with it! if only i knew how to sew... :/

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    I bought a cool thing in China. It looks like a stapler, and when you run it along layers of plastic, it seals them together. Then you can pull the excess off at the seal. It's not like the iron, it is more like a stitching tool. Doesn't use heat, uses 2 AA batteries.

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    @ duckie it really only takes a short amount of time i just tried to make the post as detailed as possible ,all you really need to do is seal the plastic , cut and tape it on there is no need to sew in this project if you dont want to =)

    @ Me :p thats neat ! =)

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    Hadn't thought about fusing plastics before, you should have told me when I was younger and still making lots of DIY diapers =p

    If I didn't have any real diapers I'd go try this but for now I'm too lazy.

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    Would note you can also buy various gauges of vinyl sheeting pretty cheap at most places (including walmart here) in clear and various colors. Sometimes sold in the furniture or craft section It's fairly innocent to buy... and a lot easier to work with than plastic bags.

    Never thought of parchment paper though when I was experimenting with this kind of thing... that sounds totally awesome and would probably work way better than my method (heat gun, cardboard, and happy thoughts)! I kinda want to try that out now (but am probably too lazy)!

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