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Thread: hello my name is kalle

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    Talking hello my name is kalle

    hello am kalle
    and am comming from norway,
    my life is fuckt upp i have no jobb,
    and i need to use diapers 24/7 and i just dont like that.
    on my spare time i just like to hang out with my friends, watch tv,
    taking photos and edit photos, and do sound and technical things.
    ok thats was i litle bit about my self

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    i need to use diapers 24/7 and i just dont like that.
    This is very unfortunate. As is the lack of job.

    You sound like an interesting person; can you say a bit more about the sound/photo editing, like what kind of sound? music? what programs do you like to use?

    Welcome here; we have other incontinent people (that's what the I in Adisc stands for) and we are a support community; and you could do with some support, by the sounds of it!

    You do realize, though, that you list yourself as "dl" which stands for "diaper lover" - which we all pretty much are on this site? (We have one or two partners of diaper lovers, usually adult babies, who come here for information on their partner's fondness for diapers.)

    So you may be met by some confusion, when you call yourself "dl" but say " i need to use diapers 24/7 and i just dont like that." Does this mean you like them but not be forced to be in them 24/7?

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    that i meant with sound was i like to work with conserts and the sound element of it, rigging and stuff.
    i like to use photoshop to do my adding on my photos,
    and yes i like them but i dont like it if means that i have them on 24/7

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