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Thread: Two free PS3 games? what to pick?

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    Default Two free PS3 games? what to pick?

    Ok, so as most of you know Sony is giving their customers two free games from this selection:
    Wipeout HD and its Fury expansion pack,
    Ratchet and Clank: Quest for Booty
    zombie blaster Dead Nation.

    Any ideas? I don't have any of these games except LittleBigPlanet, what would you recommend?

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    inFamous definately, that's gonna be the one I choose as for the other one idk.

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    inFamous is an awesome game, definitely the one worth the most out of all of those.

    Ratchet and Clank are good games, but Quest for Booty is really quite a small game - plus, unless you've played the other R&C games, it won't make much sense.

    I already have LBP and inFamous, so I'm going to choose Wipeout and Dead Nation. I loved Wipeout as a kid, so I'm sure I'll still love it now. Plus, I've heard good things about Dead Nation.

    Hope that helps!

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    The line-up is terrible.

    InFAMOUS and Super StarDust HD, I suppose.

    My PSP games.. hmm, no clue, if any. That line-up is worse.

    I'd much prefer free PSX games.
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    I'm assuming the games are all from publishers directly owned/funded by Sony? Would explain the limited choice!

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    to be honest i think its pretty weak of them to offer not only outdated games (lbp has been given as a freebie on psn+ for ages), but games that most either already own or have no interest in. Personally I'd have been happier with $20 in credit in my wallet for whatever dlc i wanted.

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    I'll probably pick up Infamous and Little Big Planet. I've played both, but I had LBP when I was living at my parents house, and they had crappy internet, so I couldn't play online with anyone.

    And for those of you complaining about the selection, it's not like they can just give you whatever they want. Most of the stuff they're giving away is somehow either being reimbursed, or they can let it go for free at this point. If they gave you credit, they'd be losing a ton of money, and if they gave you games they weren't being reimbursed on, they would also loose money. They've already lost a ton of money on this, so I doubt they can afford to loose much more. Not to mention they're already offering free credit services for those who want them to cover the 'loss' of information. They don't really owe anyone any of these games or packages at this point, so if you don't like what they're offering, don't download it. It's free stuff, and a free service. /endrant

    Though I suppose they may have been able to give some PSX games out, but people probably would have complained about the selection for those as well, not to mention people are already complaining about the current games being outdated, so there would probably be an even bigger outcry about those.

    I'll pick up the PSP games as well, yay for having a PSP hehe.

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    Thanks everyone, for your suggestions. I ended up going with InFamous and Wipeout. Can't go wrong with those two in my opinion.

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    Kinda funny for me. As I made a bunch of accounts for friends when they are over. So they wouldn't screw up some of my game saves. So I guess I get all the games they offering : D

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    Ratchet and Clank that game is awesome

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