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Thread: Introducing ME!! Blondboy!!

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    Default Introducing ME!! Blondboy!!

    Hi Everyone!!

    I am Blondboy and I live in Toronto which is in Canada and am a little kid who loves having fun!! I am blond and a boy and that's why I'm called Blondboy on here!

    A few things about me is some of my favorite things to do are to go to or be in theatre, go swimming, hiking, riding my bicycle, go scuba diving cause you get to meet all the colorful fishes and sharks and turtles, travel cause then you see new places and meet new people, and have lots of fun with friends.

    I enjoy playing with legos, coloring in coloring books, and love everything that has to do with the Smurfs!! I go to sleep every night padded with a pacifier in my mouth, an arm around one of my stuffed animals, and snuggled into my little kid sheets.

    Feel free to say hi cause I enjoy meeting new people!! HUGS!!


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    Welcome world of tomorow today :P
    Hi blondboy u sound an average joe but a little secrective but some members are too like me but keep yourself yourself :O

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    Like adress and number but just balance it out just right and and you will a brillant member on adisc

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    Welcome! I love your energy. I feel all pumped up just reading that! lol. Where have you traveled to? What the coolest place you've been?

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    Welcome to the site! You sound like a well-balanced individual - exactly what we hope for on here!

    Are you excited about the new Smurfs movie then? I'm not entirely sure on it, but I'll watch it on DVD probs!

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    Wow - you really know how to live life to its fullest, as a little, and as a big boy! Getting to do stuff like scuba (I only ever snorkelled ) and getting to enjoy it through the eyes of a child seems to me pretty ultimate. Just snorkelling I would grin enough to break the seal of my mask!

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    Enjoy blondeboy!!!! Welcome to adisc!! your enthusiasm is what i need to help my own self acceptance

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    Hey Blondboy, that was a FUN introduction. It sounds like you have a great attitude on life. Viewing and experiencing life with a little kid's imagination and enthusiasm is the way to be! I'm curious, at what point and why in your life did you decide to live this way? (including and especially wearing diapers)

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