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Thread: Team Fortress 2 Players

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    Default Team Fortress 2 Players

    Who plays Team Fortress 2? I'm just wondering how many we have. If only I had awesome Internets, then I might be able to set up a server. (MM3!)

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    I do whenever theres a free weekend up for it, they will once in a while open up free weekends =D for people who haven't bought it, I could possibly run it, my computer isn't great but my internet is alright, except for the ethernet cable running form our router to the HUB needs to be replaced because it cuts out... A LOT, but it wouldn't be for TF2 probably CSS or HL2DM

    I started making one, might nto be able to connect though because I haven't configured my firewall or router =(... anyways is what is should be the stuff to connect to the server... look it up and tell me if it's there plz, and it's a css server just to tell you... Right now I'm trying to figure out how to change it from DE_dust to CS_crackhouse or office

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    If you want lag play it on my computer, say hello to 200 ping.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Samaki View Post is what is should be the stuff to connect to the server... look it up and tell me if it's there plz,
    You just quoted your IP on your Lan. the 192.168.x.x address space isn't given out on the internet. going on What Is My IP Address? - IP Address Lookup, Bandwidth Speed Test, IP Info, plus more Will tell you your IP seen by other people on the internet. Assuming you have confiqured your router correctly. Then it should work.

    I play TF2 a fair bit. Not the best, But I think I'll be able to pwn you all! :P

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    i can't believe i didn't even pay attention to that -.-.... I fail... anyways I can't get it to work because I'm stuck behind my piece of crud router that my dad randomly changed the user name and pass too so I can't open the ports for it...

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    Quote Originally Posted by tiger2 View Post
    i play it
    but only on the xbox....

    Im decent

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