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    I am asking this here because I assume adults actually know what is it like to regress.I stayed home from school yesterday.I wore a diaper to bed after I was woken up.I curled up in my bed with my pikachu plushie and body pillow.I wrapped myself in my blanket with pikachu and a diaper on.I was wearing a big sweatshirt and sweat pants(I know it's redundant).I had my body pillow between my legs and I was holding my pikachu tightly.My blanket was tucked in and I wiggled my bottom in celebration of my diaper.I felt so at peace.Everything was just simple.I kinda felt the urge to have a pacifier.I just sucked my thumb for the time being.I slept 9 hours in that state.I lied there and fantasized after that.Is this regressing?

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    Absolutely. Regressing pretty much means going backwards and feeling like a care-free little kid again, so... Definitely.

    Sounds pretty perfect to me

    Dan x

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    Yep, sounds like you had a regression experience - well done!!!

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    It sounds as if there could well have been some mental/emotional regression going on there. Sounds great too!

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