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    I found this looking for dom/sub forums, and the first thread I read had nothing to do with diapers. Or even playacting as a child.

    2) including teens - is that legal?

    I don't need the FBI at my door because I'm on a quest to learn more about LEGAL, CONSENSUAL 'fetish' things.

    Thank you in advance if you can give me any insight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jacy View Post
    I found this looking for dom/sub forums, and the first thread I read had nothing to do with diapers. Or even playacting as a child.

    2) including teens - is that legal?
    What was said thread? If it had nothing to do with diapers or playacting, what was the problem?

    That said, this site is a support network for teens and adults - there are occasional mature topics, but nothing is ever spoken about that involves teens in a sexual or abusive way. It is very much an advice site - people come to us with questions/problems, and we all discuss them. It isn't an 18+ fetish site I'm afraid.

    I don't really think ADISC classifies as a dom/sub forum, so I suggest you consider looking elsewhere for that kind of thing. If you want to learn about the struggle we go through accepting our ABDLism, and ways to indulge in our lifestyle, then please, stay ahead and read on!

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    Can't find the thread now. I am open to learning new things, even if they do not interest me personally. As long as it's consensual and people aren't hurt, I am very tolerant.

    Although I think a lot of people need to be treated for a disorder rather than revel in it (the paraphilias). That is a general statement that applies to myself as well, not a smear on anyone here, I promise.

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    I really need to research the psychology behind fetishes - but I get the feeling any form of treatment is going to either involve archaic methods (like shock therapy etc), or just mentally repressing the urges.

    Don't get me wrong, a lot of fetishes and urges are very unhealthy - I'd certainly suggest that a paedophile considers therapy and treatment before they do something wrong - but I don't personally feel a fetish that is primarily used for stress relief needs treating.

    That said, I guess there are *some* people into ABDL that are not mentally healthy as it stands, so run the risk of exposing us all in a bad light - but treatment there would be for the underlying issues, not the ABDL imo.

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    It's a very narrow viewpoint seeing this as a "disorder". I don't think it is a disorder if you express it in a healthy way, control it, and don't let it take over your life.

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    Hey that was my word

    But yeh this is a website that is for both adults and teens, some users are as young as 13.
    Some people can post threads in completely different forums that they're suppose to be, even I do it occasionally. Nothing we do on here is illigal, and the mods and Helpers do a very good job at keeping it that way.

    As loopy said about a dissability he said just don't let it take over your life.
    I can speek first hand with this; I have aspergers syndrome and that's not a disability that needs "treating", and it can be a very positive thing if i don't let it control my every move.

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