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Thread: I'm not sure if I should take this to the next level or not.

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    Default I'm not sure if I should take this to the next level or not.

    Okay, so I've been with my girlfriend for a couple years now. I haven't proposed to her yet, but we're really serious. I told her about my, um, interest in diapers pretty early in our relationship, and she's totally cool with it, bless her heart. By cool with it, I mean that she accepts me for who I am, which I couldn't make it without, and she doesn't say anything about it, but I'm not sure she really understands.

    My problem is that my biggest fantasy ever is to go number two in my diaper and have her change me, like a mother changing her baby. Can we say number two here? That would be so hot, and it would mean so much to me. On the one hand, she's so amazing that I owe it to her to be honest, but I'm not sure how she would react. I don't want to ruin the amazing thing we have, but I don't want to hold anything back from her either, because she deserves better than that.

    Has anyone ever face a similar dilemma?

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    I would say take it slow at first. Try a bit of baby play and then advance to wetting accidents and changing. For most people, changing a messy diaper is a big leap and might scare her out of the idea.
    When you say "she doesn't say anything about it..." does that mean she hasn't brought it up again or that she hasn't mentioned diapers in a negative context?

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    I mean that she doesn't say anything negative about it. We're open about it and talk about it all time, like she'll ask me if I need diapers before she goes to the store and stuff. I'm about 75% sure that she'd be fine about doing this with me, but there's always the fear that she'll freak out and leave me. I like your advice about having "accidents". I just don't want to share who I really am and then have her leave me for it, I don't know if I could take it.

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    If she's talking about it in this manner, then she sounds unphased by it one bit. I think you should ask her if she'd change you since she's so open about diapers in general.

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    Word of warning!!!

    Your girlfriend may be accepting of you wearing a diaper and even accept the fact you like to use said diaper, but when it comes to cleaning up a messy diaper, DON'T DO IT!!! Nothing good will come of it and you will more than likely loose a girlfriend.

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    My wife actively encourages me to wear diapers and will change me on regular occasions, but if I go poop in my diapers, I'm on my own for the cleanup!

    Can't say I blame her either! It really is quite nasty and messy!

    Tread carefully little one, a messy diaper could be the metaphorical straw that could break your camels back!

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    I would take it easy. Maybe try having her change a wet diaper first. I mean I gross myself out sometimes when I change my messy diaper so I don't do it that often. So a word to the wise- Go slowly.

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    There is a chance that she may never want to do that for you too. Just be aware of that. All you can do is talk about it and ask if that is something she would be ok with (not out of the blue though. Gotta work up to the big stuff like that.). If you're at the point in your relationship that you're thinking about getting married, I doubt she would leave you over asking for something.

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    I know I've done a number 2 only once in a diaper... and I would never expect anyone to enjoy cleaning up that mess. So if you're going to ask, I'd definitely make sure she knows it's a no-pressure thing. It's just a fantasy of yours, nothing more. If she says yes, awesome. If not, just let it lie.

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    Okay, so we were watching TV in bed and I laughed a lot and had an "accident" (Just number one). I said "Uh oh." and she asked me what was wrong, and I said I just gambled and lost and that I was a big baby that needed changed. I asked her if she wanted to change her baby and she thought it was cute and actually did it! I don't think she was really that into it, and I probably won't ever get to fulfill my ultimate fantasy, but this was close, and she did let me suckle on her toes after she was done.

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