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Thread: Who can wear pampers size 7?

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    Default Pampers size 7

    Does anyone here still fit them? I have a 26 inch waist so I'm a happy camper but they don't hold much, so I usually triple up on them. I like them because they are kinda babyish and they smell good

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    HANDBANANA!!!!~ LOL!! I love your avatar!!

    I personally, don't like to wear pampers size 7 because, while they are cute, they're not very absorbent. xD I actually have a few in my stash left over from when I was experimenting being a TB. o.o;;

    On the *B standpoint, they're GREATTTT. I wouldn't wear them for any kind of protection at all of course, they're made for babies. c;

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    The only way for me to get diapers is to bike 3 miles to the nearest walgreens at night and also, that's why I put on multiples and cut slits in them to absorb more.

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    Well, biking isn't that bad once you get used to it! 3 miles is nothing once you build up the stamina! May I ask why you go at night? Safety reasons? Or are you worried your parents would find out?

    You could start carrying around a messenger bag every time you go out so that when they see it on you, they don't think you're hiding something. Then, once they get used to it, you could go and buy them in the daytime! And, why not buy adult diapers at the Walgreen's? I know all the one's here sell them!

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    Butterfly Mage


    I'm too tall. Besides, I like wearing •big• diapers.

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    I can Fit pampers size 6 and 7 and im 22 with a 30" waist.

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    Meh, I don't want parents to find out.

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    I can only fit with some alterations, they go down to my hips and my hips are too big.

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    I'm curious about these. I'm a 33' and I want to try them. I'm just worried I'll waste my money on them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MarchThackery View Post
    I'm curious about these. I'm a 33' and I want to try them. I'm just worried I'll waste my money on them.
    If you are tall I would measure your hips, if you are short measure your waist. I'm tall and skinny but because im tall I have to measure my hips for these.

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