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    Default Hello ADISC!

    Hi everyone. It seems I finally caved in and signed up to this forum. Who am I? I'm a student from the UK in his 20's. Currently studying music at college and hopefully going to uni this year.

    Apart from my huge love for music (mainly trance!), I also read, go running and sometimes play PC games like starcraft 2.

    Why am I here in terms of ABDL? This is the hardest part for me: Well I've had DL tendencies pretty much all my life, and after a period of confusion (usual binge/purge/society will never accept this/told my mum who freaked out/you need therapy etc), I recently started to experience the desire/craving for AB stuff as well!

    As a result (and after much research), I've decided to embrace this side of my life, and I'm now only beginning to accept myself. I guess I needed a way of sharing this with others, and since it isn't exactly a Sunday dinner conversation topic, I was relieved to find other people out there (or here even!). I hope to share my experiences and learn more from this community.

    Thank you for reading!

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    Hey there!

    Pretty decent intro, so welcome and well done!

    Sounds like a tortuous few years for you - glad you emerged on the other side!

    I can't join in with the gaming side of things, but there are literally hundreds of others here who will, so... No biggie! I'll just "hello and yay!" to a fellow UK'er! Care to mention the Uni's you applied to?

    Dan x

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    Thanks mate. I'm still a bit unsure of the whole thing (like how I'm going to cope when I get to uni!) but I'm hoping I can work things out.

    I applied all over the country really, but I got a conditional at Bournemouth which I've accepted, so looking forward to that!

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    You mean coping generally? Or coping with your diapers?

    And you're off to Bournemouth then, huh? Awesome! My Dad's family is from Hampshire, so I've visited there plenty of times! Is it far from you, though? And are you following through with music?

    Dan x

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    I call them nappies, but yeah that and I've recently got hold of a paci and cuddly toy... awesome for stress relief but not so awesome if someone else finds out!

    Well I'm in London right now but originally from Devon. Been a bit all over the place to be honest! Yes it'll be a degree in Music & Audio Technology.

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    Oh thank god! I call them nappies, too, but have become rather institutionalized on here! Awesome.

    I have my own paci/cuddly toy combo, too... VERY good for stress relief, I agree. At least you should have your own room at Uni, so... Certainly privacy in that respect. You can do what you like for bed You'll find plenty of threads, though, regarding various situations at college/Uni - hope you find some helpful when you find them!

    I love Devon - all countryside and coastline, it's totally my world. London intimidates the Hell outta me, though I really wanna own it one day!

    Your choice of degree begs the question, then... Where do you wanna end up, exactly? What's your career goal?

    Dan x

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    Thanks for the tips. I suppose I just need to get used to the idea more.

    It's ok, but if you're not into surfing or hiking then it can be very dull! I find London pretty intense as well though, I only went here because it was the nearest college in the country doing that course.

    Haha everyone asks that! Most people know the music industry is tough (I produce my own tunes), but I'm looking to get my foot in the door with studio work (inc TV or Radio) or maybe promotion/management. Dream career would be superstar DJ/producer It all depends on who I end up networking with I guess!

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