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Thread: BOYS ONLY!! Girls you have been warned!!

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    Default BOYS ONLY!! Girls you have been warned!!

    There has been research that wearing diapers makes boys and men sterile

    The October 2000 issue of Archives of Disease in Childhood raises an alarming concern about the use of diapers in kids. Could the decline in male fertility over the last twenty or thirty years and the increase in testicular cancer both be due to the widespread use of plastic-lined diapers that keep the scrotum and testicles of boys too warm? Mother nature placed the testicles outside of the body, so that the testicular temperature is normally several degrees cooler than core body temperature. Disposable, plastic-lined diapers restrict ventilation to the testicles. The ADC study found that plastic-lined diapers can raise the temperature of the testicles to the level of core body temperature. The higher temperature may cause abnormal testicular development and may result in infertility or ever cancer in the future, similar to what happens in undescended testicles. Cloth diapers (without plastic pants) were found to keep the testicles at near normal temperature. Cloth diapers with plastic pants were not investigated in this study, but may also raise the testicular temperature to potentially hazardous levels.
    Just thought I should post this!

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    I think itīs nothing to be worried about unless you wear diapers 24/7. So donīt...PANIC!!!

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    Okay just thought I would mention it!!!

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    And that's the reason I wear boxer shorts!

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    Well, as was mentioned, this can be a potential problem for those who wear 24/7, and it is definitely good information to know for us guys in this community. Thanks for letting us know!

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    Do you have a link for the article that displayed this, because I am not so sure about these articles unless I can see a viable source from which it was obtained. Most of these studies are pretty skeptical, especially since there are no numbers present to show how many men have been tested, how many this did/did not affect, if there was a control group, etc. etc. Besides I am pretty sure my boys are swimming well (not like I'm going to knock up any babe anytime soon if I could...)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hug View Post

    OH GOD WHY? I should have been warned!

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    Well, I'm Asexual so I don't really have to worry

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