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Thread: ABism will never be accepted.

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    Default ABism will never be accepted.

    Senator questions benefits to 'adult baby' - Washington Times

    And just look at the comments. Half of them are along the lines of "KILL URSELF LOL."

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    yeah I know, it's what makes me hate society.

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    I think they're saying that because of this part:

    A good portion are making fun of him for being fat, and lots of people are overlooking the fact that he's an AB.

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    They were just talking about this on the local conservative talk station, the personality's problem with it was not that he lived his life as he did but that he was on social security due to that being his disability. He said something to the affect of "It's not like he fell off a roof and happens to like to wear diapers."

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    Quote Originally Posted by jeep View Post
    They were just talking about this on the local conservative talk station, the personality's problem with it was not that he lived his life as he did but that he was on social security due to that being his disability. He said something to the affect of "It's not like he fell off a roof and happens to like to wear diapers."
    That's the angle I got from the article - it isn't taking offence at ABDL, it's taking offence at the disability payments that appear to be paid by the state because he is an ABDL...

    I presume Stanley has a legitimate disability, and his "mother" and he aren't just claiming payments to support the lifestyle??

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    Welcome to the internet! If you look to your left you can see a massive herd of migrating internet trolls.

    Seriously, I am not surprised, something controversial on the internet getting flamed is as predictable as a sunrise.

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    I haven't looked at the whole load of comments, but I actually thought the majority of them were fairly civilised - they were calling on the suicide threat and apparent flawed nature of the benefits system, rather than attacking ABDL. That said, I'm sure there will be a selection of comments that disprove my opinions...

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    Uhm - well I don't know Stanley or Dias - so I can not really say or gather enough info to provide proof that they are indeed eligible for Support or not.

    The comments were, as others have noted (and well I didn't bother with the 31 pages) quite "within the line" - as they mostly went against the Social Security "Abuse" and not so much the AB part.

    What I personally don't get is how anyone with two good hands, a pair of working legs and hardcore mental disabilities or something else along the line can't get a job - I mean even a part time job.
    Stuff like that is beyond me.
    Sorry - I had a good bit of a fucked up childhood.... I had my share of traumas - and so had half the world.
    and I'm not saying that it doesn't bother me - but I can't understand how it keeps you from working to support yourself.
    I can partially understand that some might be at a point in life where it's barely possible - but he's not 20 anymore.
    In that regard - and I'm not trying to be judging here - I can understand if people get "upset".
    I again have to say - I don't have all the hard facts, so in all fairness I can't rule out that he & she are truly disabled to the point where any type of work would be too much - even though I do doubt it.

    And his threat to kill himself is just plain silly - I am not in favour of suicide in any case - but using it as a "threat" is just not the best way to "defend his claims".

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    well on one hand stanely had to expect that him going on mainstream media and telling his story would cause waves, on the other hand i think its sad that people are encouraging him to kill himself why turning this into an issue about all the scammers in the system..

    let me say a few more things: im disabled in many ways....i have SPD, Neurological issues, learning disabilities and im urinary and fecal incontinent. i can work and choose to do so. many people have asked why id do given what i deal with and i explain that if i have the ability to work, then why should me being disabled preclude me from working.

    im just one of the millions of people in this country living with disabilities. some can work and choose to do so and dont collect SSI payments. some cant work and have no choice but to collect SSI payments from the government even though many wish they could work and are made to feel like losers by society.

    society also likes to group all disabled people into one level of person-non functioning....stanely collects SSI...he is disabled.....he cant work....he should just sit at home and waste away...away from the prying eyes of society....if he doesnt which he has shown he doesnt, then ergo...he should be able to work....thats the jist of the arguement being presented in that article....he runs a website and has built furniture and if he was disabled he wouldnt be able to do that????

    looks like we equate the ability to work with the ability to function in any other way....

    way to go america...

    ---------- Post added at 16:26 ---------- Previous post was at 16:21 ----------

    and the comments being made shows yet again how quick conservatives are to jump on people least able to defend thems selves in an attempt to cut out all waste from the government...essentially do away with our federal government if they had a chance....then come after all people who cant make a living next followed by: insert whatever here...

    sounds like scrooge is in the house and its not even christmas....just lock up the poor and disabled or kill them to do away with surplus population and people who cant contribute by working...

    i mean we seem to place all self worth in this country based off working and the ability to be wealthy......why not?

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    He suffers from severe PTSD and has a back injury that leaves him incontinent and in chronic pain. That's why he's on social security. In his state I honestly doubt he'd be able to keep a job.
    I had a bad childhood too and suffer from trauma, and even my story is surprising to most people. But it's different. I don't, and most people don't have PTSD. I've heard my fair share of horrible things but reading his story had left more of a mark on me than any other that I've heard.
    Granted, while I can understand he suffers greatly, and that mental illness impedes ones ability to think rationally, his response is not helping his cause at all. It might just end up with him institutionalized again.

    I don't think anyone expects ABDLism to be accepted by most. Hell, fetishes and lifestyles in general aren't accepted by society. And people will judge. It's just sad that people think that just because he spends his free time trying to cope with trauma in an unusual way that people think he's undeserving of any help. I'm sure if these people were in a similar situation and happened to have an unusual way of life, they would be getting hate too.

    There are way worse things that people could be angry at, like people who are actually abusing the system...but they choose to use him just because he happens to be an ABDL.

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