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    This was a thread from quite some time ago. Looking at the whole thread at once, it doesn't look like Crinolyn really got the discussion of the subject he was looking for. It also seems that he has left. The original post was from about a year ago.
    This is also how I coincidentally found this site. A random search for something like what I do produced this result and here I am.

    Question Psudo-diapers (adults please, mature topic)

    Hello All,
    Well, as the description of this area of the forum states:
    A forum for people 18 and over who like diapers, age regression, playing baby, etc. This is a good place for Adult Babies and DLs to chat.

    Let me pose a question, the sort of question that may require a bit of explanation involved with it...


    Now my definition of these may run the gamut from actual disposables to real diapers to fully padded panties, all of which can or would be worn under a pair of plastic pants or diaper covers. Appropriate attire and other appropriate trappings and accessories included. This would not include wetting nor soiling.

    Finally, the question; Has anyone else enjoyed something like this in the privacy of their own home / bedroom involving age regression or playing baby with minor sexual overtones?

    Without getting into details, has it worked or was it pleasurable?

    This is asked in all seriousness to adults, if you cannot be serious about an answer, for the sake this of discussion, please refrain from remarks not constructive or related to the topic.

    Thank you in advance for this consideration.


    I have seen things Crinolyn describes on Ebay. Also, on other sites described as Bubble panties. They consist of essentially a double layer panty stuffed with fiberfill or foam. Mine are homemade versions of the style made by Choicejoy (I think).
    I didn't really think this fell into the realm of DL until I ended up here. Crinolyn, like myself, seems to have less interest in regression. For me the feel of the padding and the satin is what it is all about. Crinolyn was kind of dancing around the point. HE seems to find it sexually stimulating. The wearing without soiling is something that really put a gap between these padded panties and diapers. Now that I have read more, I understand there is a group of DLs that do it for the physical sensation too. Small world, huh.

    This distance between the two seemingly different things is why I am DLCurious.

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    I'm afraid I'm a little confused by the purpose of this post?

    From what I understand, you were under the impression that a DL only wore a diaper to use it, but having found the previous thread and the pseudo-diapers on eBay, you are now of the impression that some people will wear a diaper because it feels comfortable. In addition, you are now aware that some people find diapers sexually stimulating?

    Or have I missed something with this post?

    Primarily I wear a diaper because it feels comfortable and secure. Sometimes, I will satisfy myself sexually with them. Other times, I will use it for its intended purposes. Other times, I will just wear it and feel content in simply wearing. I classify myself as ABDL - I like the regression and security, but I also like the physical sensation.

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    I think you'll find a lot of DL's wear for the physical sensation, sexual or otherwise. As an AB, it's a big thing for me, especially plastic backed disposables, and especially thick ones.

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    Crinolyn was explaining what he does and hoping there were others that do the same. Probably looking for someone with similar tastes to share with. Kind of the same thing were all doing here.

    I was wondering about some of the same things.


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    Cool, do you feel your wondering has been satisfied? Or is there more you'd like to know?

    I'm just wondering whether you are looking for more discussion on the topic? Or whether you simply wanted to know whether there were others who also enjoy the feeling of wearing?

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