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Thread: Diapers in Hospital

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    Default Diapers in Hospital

    If perchance you had a need to go to the hospital and you had the chance to wear diapers would you? And would you let the nurses change your diapers?
    Also have any of you out there actually done that?

    I do realise the unlikelyness of this situation happening but i just thought i'd ask.

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    I think that there's a huge matter of "don't unwittingly involve others in your fetish" to be considered. I was hospitalized for a a few weeks once when I was a teenager. The entire time was essentially bedrest and IV drips. I had no need for diapers, so I didn't present it as if I did. I would be afraid of doing this with my parents knowing, but I do think I'd have stayed true to the principle regardless.

    If I needed diapers in a hospital, then of course I'd take them, and yes, I'd enjoy being diapered/changed by a nurse. I personally justify that on the basis that an actual, germane need exists.

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    You raise a good point, perhaps then i should just ask about going to the hospital in diapers, forgetting the changing part.

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    I actually tend to take a middle ground in this. When it's come up in the past, the overriding opinion of exposing your diapers in public is that it's completely inexcusable. And this is certainly a valid point: you're forcing other people to _____ your exhibitionism. Then again, I liken it to the gym. I enjoy walking through my gym's shower room naked. Do I flaunt? No. Do I spend ridiculous or unreasonable amounts of time naked? No. But it's a situation in which nudity is entirely acceptable. As such, I don't feel guilty that I take the opportunity to happily walk around naked.

    I view diapers as similar. If I saw that someone in public teenage was older, I'm not assuming *BDL. I'm assuming they have an actual need for diapers and are using them as such. I don't flaunt my diapers in public. But if someone notices a bit of plastic riding above my pants or hears the rustle of plastic and realizes I'm diapered, then I'm fine with that. Why? They'll just assume I need diapers physically) and that's that. I'm being as discrete as an incontinent person would be.

    I view being changed as the same thing. The person who's changing you has to be willing to do so, and the reasons why s/he agreed to change you have to be germane. If I was hospitalized with broken arms and needed to be diapered, then I would happily allow a nurse to change me. But that's because I actually have a valid need for such.

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    i wore in a instatution if that counts,went to rehab when i was 17 and told them i was a bedwetter, they had those cheap attends was the only up side to that 27 days.

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    Unless it was a choice between a diaper or a catheter I would use a bedpan and urinal or the toilet. I have a feeling being in the hospital would take all the fun out of it.

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    Granted that I always sleep diapered and often wet in my sleep, I might want to mention the nocturnal enuresis to the hospital staff if I was going to have to spend the night in the hospital. It would depend on why I was there, of course, but it would probably be better if they were prepared.

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    Being Incont 24/7 I have worn in a hospital I have also used a cath. For me I have been changed by nurses but for the most part except for my back surgery and other surgeries if I could do I did my self. Still got a rush when they carried a pack of diapers to me or handed me a diaper. I know I have been changed by them at night. But for the most part I don't want to bother them if I can do it my self. I will say you get weird looks if you ask for help. I remember one of my surgies I asked for help and explain all I need is help wiping my back side and lining up the diaper and I could do the rest she said it was no big deal and did the whole change. Again I rather do it myself in a hospital situation.

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    i have been urinary and fecal incontinent my whole life. one of the many disabilities i have dealt with. i have also experienced the horror of catheters many more times than i can count due to surgeries. as a child i was in the hospital or under the care of a doctor/specialist a lot and on many occasions endured having my diapered state being more public then what i would have preferred. i didnt fully accept my conditions nor learn to love diapers and regression until i was long out of foster care and away from the abuse i experienced. now that im an adult i can say im cool with it now and on the other hand i havent had to be in a hospital in quite some time. i was almost hospitalized for a kidney infection recently(i commonly deal with uti's, bladder infections and kidney infections)

    on another note unlike when i was younger, i dont see nor feel the need to go out of my way to hide my disabilities even something as personal as incontinence of either variety. that means i have accepted that i will get questions, which i do from time to time but most people are too embarrassed them selves to ask questions of that personal nature. that being said im not an exhibitionist by any means. im just not as conservative as most people are about it.

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    This raises an issue for me. I am currently awaiting a decision if I need surgery (orthopaedic) which will require a two to three day stay in hospital.

    I am also under the care of an urologist for my night time and frequent day time incontinence.

    At my last appointment with the surgeon he very tactfully raised the other issues I was having with my health and discussed how the reduction in mobility would affect this. He was really nice and asked if I felt I could cope. I was quite embarrased and asked about what would happen if I was incontinent whilst I was in hospital. The surgeon was really kind and explained that when I came in from the pre operation assessment I could discuss this with the nursing staff. He reminded me that they see many patients with quite complicated needs and they will try to be helpful. From what he said catheter would be their second option if bed pans etc didn't work. Adult incontinence products would be ok but patients would have to provide their own.

    So ....

    I wait to see what my next MRI scan reveals

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