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Thread: I bought diapers today

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    Default I bought diapers today

    So I went to this medical supply store today; I go about once every few months for Secure Plus diapers because my other local sources were out of the diapers I wanted. When I went to the register to buy my diapers, the cashier asks "you want just one?"

    I tell her "Yes, just one"
    "You know if you buy a case its cheaper right"
    "...oh. I think I'll just take one for now, thanks anyway"
    They're $16 per pack, which is decent, but it only comes in a bag of 12 diapers. It might sound a little cheap, but I usually buy diapers from the thrift store for $4-5 by the pack.

    Its not like I wouldn't mind buying a case, but the point is, I just thought it was funny that I was being offered diapers by the case by the cashier. I just have to wonder what cashiers like these think. They spend most of their day doing nothing and end up with 20 to 30 customers per day - they have to be a bit more personal with their customers. They have to be thinking multiple things about me: "I wonder if these are for him?", "Buy more! Buy more! Buy more! Budget cuts! Buy more!", "He'd probably look real cute in those diapers", "Please don't shit your pants in the store, please"... okay so one of those might just be fantasy, but you never know

    I don't care what people at small mom-and-pop shops think about me. Honestly, with the economy the way it is, the number one thing they have to care about is selling as much as possible.

    Sorry for the story of my life, but I had to get it out there

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    Rare to find even semi good diapers in a store. Nice find.

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    I guess as they are a mobility store, they probably assume it's a medical issue (if they assume they are for you). They don't want to embarrass the customer - but the fact they offered you a case just suggests they are looking out for their customers really - and it also suggests they aren't bothered by selling them either - so I doubt any thought crosses their mind.

    It's probably no different to a cashier in Walmart when you buy bread - I doubt they sit there wondering whether you'll eat it, maybe if you'll toast it and put jelly on it... etc etc!

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    Some of the medical supply stores ate bloody brilliant in terms of customer service! I found a local one when I moved to my last place (2004), and they treated me very well, AND had Molicares! They just presumed the diapers were for me, and they were actually a bit surprised when I went for the Molicares. I just told them I needed them at night, and they were really great to work with. When they realized I was the only one buying Molicares and they decided to blow out the stock, they sold me the rest of them for pennies on the dollar.

    I would up giving them all of my business after my accident when I needed medical supplies because I knew they were good!

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    yay congrats lol... most people dont care, they sell them just like selling bread lol

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