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Thread: Since when?

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    Question Since when?

    Since this is the diapers thread i assume that everyone here likes diapers, the only qustion then is: since when? I know that i personaly have liked diapers for as long as i can remember, and i'm talking since potty training , and have atempted to sieze any opportunity to aquire some. For example; when my sister was born when i was 4 i was immediately jealous of her diapers and would ask my mom for them. Once she actualy put one on me and told me not to tell anyone (oops) and i dont believe i did anything in them, just sorta enjoyed having them on. Regardless of that i always fantasized over having them and using them.
    So, has anyone eslse sort of been a dl forever, or, if it started later i;m curioused as to what triggers such infantileism a 'normal' person.

    and by the way, i'm looking for serious thoughtfull answers here, no "i like diapies cuz ther nice". I'm surprised no one has adressed this yet!

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    Serious thoughtful answers huh? Okay, here's mine.

    I'm positive my affections toward diapers started during puberty, which was around 4th and 5th grade for me. My sister and I still had to be "babysat" by one of my mom's friends because she worked late and couldn't pick us up from school. So we would just hang out at her friend's place for a few hours until my mom or sometimes my dad came to get us. Anyway, sometimes she babysat other younger kids, babies included, so there was a supply of diapers there. And I remember (either from boredom or curiosity due to puberty) taking a few of those diapers and messing around with them, trying them on etc. Every time I brought them home my mom always found them and threw them out, so I really didn't get to keep them for very long. But it left an impression on me and since then I've always wanted to wear diapers again. I never considered "going" in them since I was potty trained, so never really occurred to me. But after hanging around forums like this and meeting other people who share my interests I would probably try it now.

    It's been years since then and I've only worn a few times in those years, but I'm hoping now that I have a job and soon will be able to drive, hopefully I can go out and get some of my own. I could order online but I don't trust the mail here now that my dad's retired and basically sits at home all day. So I'd rather go out by myself and get some.

    Well, that's all I can say.

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    How long? About since when I found, pretty much. Looking back, it seems like so long ago, although it was really maybe a year or two. All I can recall now about not knowing is that it involved a lot of random google searches, until I discovered a name that described my situation. That happened pretty much at the same time as finding the old site, which led me to sign up and discover even more.

    It looks like I'm more of a "late onset" TB/DL, in that I don't recall having a strong desire for diapers in my early childhood. There was always some underlying interest, I suppose, but it wasn't until I acted upon it before I understood more about it. Oh, and for the record, I do recall having maybe one or two accidents or "close calls" when I was younger (about at the toddler stage), and my dad took me into the bathroom and held up a diaper (I think it might have been one of my sister's). Then he asked if that was what I wanted. Me being freaked out of course, didn't even process this statement and instantly said no. Even if I had thought about it, at that age I most likely would have been too embarrassed to still have to wear a diaper.

    I wonder if that has anything to do with being a *B/DL? Having some memory of diapers, either simply remembering a commercial or a TV show (like Rugrats), or something else, may be the cause, or perhaps have a major effect on a person when determining whether they will develop into a *B/DL. That is pure speculation, or maybe a hypothesis created from speculation, so there's a good chance I'm wrong, but looking back at other people's stories, there seems to be some previous memory involving diapers. Oh well, that's my story, or at least part of it.

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    I only went through potty training because it had to be done. If it had been up to me, and not the pressure of being picked on or being not normal, I would have probably stayed in diapers. But diapers are expensive, you're supposed to be potty trained for school, and I didn't want (yet another, but I didn't know yet) thing for kids to pick on me about. So then I was finally convinced that diapers are for babies and that I don't want to be a baby.... and I was potty trained just after turning 4. And then I guess I repressed it until I was about 12 or so.

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    I've liked diapers ever since i was about 6. I kept having accidents and my mom actually asked me if I wanted to go back into them but I said no, I can still remeber that day.

    I had just had an accident and I was sitting on the potty with my mom looking down at me and she yelled at me "DO YOU WANT TO BE A 6 YEAR OLD IN DIAPERS?!" So you can see why I didn't say yes.

    I continued to have little accidents and then when i was 8 my dad said that if I didn't stop I would be put in Pull-Ups, again I would have said "Go ahead" but I was nervus. I've had several oppertunitys to wear diapers but I never took them because I was to scared about what would happen.

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    Hard to pin it down for me.

    I was toilet trained at a perfectly ordinary age, round about two, and can't remember ever having any misgivings about that or really any thoughts at all about nappies when I was very young. When I was around ten or twelve I can remember having a sort of fascination about the idea of them, I'm not exactly sure why but I can remember thinking about the ideals of infancy as a time of freedom and connecting nappies to that. I can also remember, rather embarrassingly, being extremely keen on playing a baby in a play some friends put on.

    It sort of faded after a time but when I was about fifteen I rediscovered this side of me through the web; I actually think that if I hadn't I probably would never have become interested because it's not a terribly strong presence in my psyche and I'm not sure I would recognise it if I couldn't give it a name. In the next couple of years I tried nappies myself and wasn't actually all that taken with using them but retained an appeal and interest which just seems to be wired into me. I think it's all to do with the incongruity of it and the symbolic associations with vulnerability, openness and freedom but why exactly I couldn't tell you; there is no point or event I can associate with my becoming interested.

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    All my life man... as far back as I can remember I have craved diapers. I honestly don't know why I didn't do this whole 24/7 thing sooner... it just feels right to me.

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    I don't, this is ridiculous! How dare you ask such a question in our respectable forum!? Diapers... The only word makes me cringe. This is an absolutely horrifyingly idiotic thread, and your words disgust me with a passion. You deserve to be banned from our honorable boards.

    A few months? >_>

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    For a long time... a very long time. Not that I ever acted much on these feelings until about 8 years ago.

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