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Thread: Crap... my toaster oven died, and my hot plate is dying too...

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    Default Crap... my toaster oven died, and my hot plate is dying too...

    This has been a frustrating week. First off, I live in a studio apartment which doesn't have a kitchen so I have to improvise with a hot plate and a toaster oven. At least my portable oven works, as does my crock pot. But for now, I can't cook bagels, and I think my hot plate is on it's way out- boy talk about frustrating.

    I like to cook to eat, since I can't stand canned foods all that well. I like fresher items. Plus, it's healthier to cook than to eat canned crap all the time.


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    Good luck man. I thought only people in Europe used hot plates! Didn't know apartments still came without kichens. In NY perhaps, but Ohio is not in a space crunch.

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    Sorry Wildthing. It looks like you'll be buying a new toaster oven. I'm sure you didn't want to be spending money that way.

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    If you can, find a toaster oven at a Goodwill/Thrift store. If you clean it out really well, it can last for awhile!

    I had one from Goodwill, lasted me 3 years. I was sad when it died. D:

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    Well, to explain about my apartment- it was originally a hotel when it opened in the 1970s and turned into an apartment complex. My apartment is actually a room with a bathroom. Unfortunately, no kitchen. That kind of aggrivates me because I'm at a point where I have to eat healthier.

    But an update- I talked to my folks- my dad will help me with the toaster oven. My hot plate situation may be resolved by a friend of mine who is moving into a bigger apartment across town. So, hopefully things work out for the best.

    Not gonna worry about it.


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    lol! My toaster was a brave toaster, I used it several times a day for sandwiches and my beloved cheesy bagels I make as a late-night meal as such has been my routine since at least 2000. My first one took a dump on me and miraculously my parents gave me the one I have now. Unfortunately, it died on me. But it was a brave toaster... may it rest in peace.

    That made me smile! Thanks! LOL!


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