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Thread: Greetings! (again)

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    Where to begin... this isn't my first time with this 'site'. I was origonaly a member of this community back was when it was Back then i was a teenager who felt alone and was ashamed by the thought of liking diapers. Back then i found a community full of caring and kind individuals who were like minded and friendly to newcommers. I had a lame, unimaginive name back then, motb, and i doubt that anyone remembers me, but i always left thoughtfull responces to questions i felt needed answering. unfortunately my computer broke back then and i was without internet for so long that i forgot my password. Then one day, a day i'm sure many of you still remember, when the server containing tbdl was lost and with it the entire site. To me this was omega lame, it meant loosing a site that i actualy thought was important. of course then i found this site XD. I suppose i have made a slightly more imaginitive name this time and intend to make an avitar, but mostly i hope to rejoin what i'm sure is a wonder full and thoughtfull community (plus i havn't been on since i joined and this 'lurker' title realy stings) Salutations one and all

    To further continue the saga of cptnamazng i realise i have said to little about me I've always had a thing for... heres the word... diapers. I dont know, but even after all these years it still feels funny even writing it (okay i suppose thats enough with the smilies) It's wierd, i think i always liked diapers, when i look back when i was 4 or 5, and well potty trained i was in DC with my mom and her friend and her friends daughter still had diapers, but was old enough to talk (i think she's only a year to a year and a half younger than me) i remember teasing her, calling her 'diaper butt' but i realy wanted one too (funny how kids always tease someone else when they realy like them, kinda cruel though). I remeber though that she got a change and i asked her if i could have one too (pretty bold face move, doubt i could do anything like that now). long story short, i didn't get one, the mums said no. I suppose thats the earliest diaper memory that i have, but i've always wanted to have them since then. As long as i can rember some of my best dreams were what i liked to call diaper dreams in which i would get diapered, usualy by some inagmatic caharacter, and i would use the diaper in my dream, though i never experienced bed wetting. I plan on staring a thread on this subject matter, but that can wait.
    Outside of that i'm just your average super awesome, super fashionable teenager, but i keep my secret identitly a secret Someday i hope to meet someone i trust enough to bare the burden of my awesome secret, but i have yet to meet someone up to such an awesome responsibltiy. Man i'm long winded! so, yeah, hello!
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    Welcome back, Cap'n !!

    I remember you as motb from tbdl, not that we had much real interaction. I'm sure you will still be comfortable here, as the rules and community spirit haven't changed much.

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    Yoir cool, I could compare myself to you a lot, even my first remembered experience! Although I didnt make fun of the person. I have diaper dreams too, just like that, and think you should make a thread.

    Have fun on the forums!

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