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    Default Windows phone 7

    well to say the liest there are a few of them out, also nice to see that phones are getting universal OS systems for it.

    although microsoft have been very particular about thier OS, thier a lot of condittion3 that phone companies have to do for win phone 7.
    having said that not a bad os, prety good achually.

    HTC have releaced 5 phones whit the os:

    HTC HD7; this modle bosts it's perfomance in videos with it larger screen
    HTC 7 Mozart; no brainer here this is thier music one
    HTC 7 Trophy; the gamer one with X-box live installed
    HTC 7 Sorround; similar to the HD7 but this one has better sound for videos
    HTC 7 Pro; this i gather is the hi class biness model with the qwerty keboard

    LG have a couple of models out too one just screen and the other qwerty board.

    Dell have gotten on the band wagon and have a qwerty one too

    samsung too

    there is a still several companies that yet to release thiers, asus, sony and been rumers about fujisu having a windows 7 phone qwerty (phone with the desktop os with all the fat removed)

    help me add to the list of win 7 phones

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    I'm not really sure the point of this thread... but I'll contribute where I can.

    Samsung have the Focus in the US and the Omnia 7 in the EU. They both use a Samsung Super AMOLED screen - organic LED - means brighter and sharper screens, plus no backlight so blacks are black. Also lower power than LCD screens.

    The Windows Phone 7 OS is pretty sleak, it's not as refined yet as iOS and Android, but I see potential for it in the future. I'm happy with my Omnia 7 - and Zune pass is awesome, cheaper than Spotify, and flawless compatibility with the Zune software and marketplace.

    Oh, and Windows Phone 7 has Xbox Live in the operating system - it's not unique to the HTC Trophy.

    Is this what you were looking for? Any particular reason for the thread?

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    well im wanting to eventualy get one of these phones, prefeably with a qwerty keyboard.
    i did know about the XBL being able to be on al win phone 7 devices (probebly should of mentioned that at the start.)

    also what i want to do is get a good list of all the phone with the os. the companies i mentioned in the first post were all i could find that i could buy, alot of google serch results showed prototype models that are yet to be releaced.

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    i have no idea why i didnt look at wiki first, thank you.

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    No worries!

    If you have any questions re: the os/usability etc, PM me - I have had my Samsung Omnia 7 since Jan, absolutely love it!

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