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Thread: Kill The MALES!!!

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    Default Kill The MALES!!!

    Not people, Mosquitoes.

    People don't usually kill the males, because they don't bite you...right?

    But through reasoning...Males allow the Females to reproduce, so therefore, Not killing the Males will allow for a possible mosquito to spawn AND BITE YOU, or someone you love and care about.

    Just because they don't bite you, doesn't mean you're not going to get bit.

    So, fellow bug haters, do not only kill the ones that are trying to suck the precious blood from your body...but kill the males as well, for they are just as much a part of the enemy.

    On a further note, Wearing jeans in the summer (although hot) will reduce the amount of places they can possibly bite you. But that doesn't mean they can't bite through your T-shirt, so be careful. Evolution doesn't always work to our advantage. Thicker, Longer Needles are growing on the new batches of mosquitoes every year. SO KILL THEM, KILL THEM ALL!!!!

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    Actually the only real way to protect yourself from mosquitoes is to wrap your entire body in aluminum foil. And that's including your head so they can't read your thoughts.

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    Well, Bug spray has DET (i think that's it), and that's BAD for the Environment....

    My friend said that his dad used to smoke cigarettes to keep the bugs away. I don't know if that really works, but it sure keeps good health away

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    Smoking probably work, since bugs don't like the smoke from the cigarettes, but the problem is that you either have to choice to keep bugs away or your health away.

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    Smoking one cigarette doesn't produce much smoke. I don't notice a difference now from last yr. when I smoked like a fein.

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    If you are just a light smoker, probably by the time they would harm you from accumulative damage, you'd die from old age anyway.

    I know what you get taught in schools, but I'm staring to realize the older I get that most of the "drug" education I got in school was complete BS.

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    Uh, so once the mosquito lands on you ready to bite, wouldn't you just swat it away rather than figuring out if it is male or female as it is sinking it's needle into you and sucking blood?

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    I usually just avoid shorts and staying out too late...I don't think I've gotten a bug bite in almost two years now. They use to eat me the heck up. Maybe they got bored?

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