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Thread: Do you think AB couples are stronger then regular couples?

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    Default Do you think AB couples are stronger then regular couples?

    Well I've been with my fiancee romantically for 5 years already, (since we where 16) We have been trough a lot and every moment of it we know each other as AB's. What I"m thinking is that the reason or one of them.... the reason we stayed together simply was the fact that if we broke up we wouldn't just break up with a romantic interest we would lose much more then that, we would lose a Mommy/Daddy, A baby and a romantic interest. It's really awesome that this has helped us with dealing with our emotion being there for one another and just coping with stress and what not. I feel closer to her then possible because we are close and love each other in many different ways. So what about you other AB couples?

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    i think it's impossible to say what a "normal" relationship is like. what it sounds like to me is that you two have been so compatible due to your openness and communication. that is, in my opinion, the single most important part of any relationship.

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    Agreed. It's the openness that's making your relationship so strong. Having things in common doesn't hurt either.

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    I wouldn't say so!

    I think by nature people that share something like this are more communicative so that will make your relationship stronger.

    By the same respect I know plenty of couples that (as far as I know) don't share any major fetishes but are very strong!

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    I think it is shared experiences and common interests that make a strong couple - as long as they have strong communication levels too.

    As Talula said, by the very nature of ABDL it requires a level of intimacy and communication above the "norm". That said, I'm sure plenty of ABDL couples don't last as a direct result of ABDL and also through lack of other interests or communication!

    So I guess the short answer is no, I don't think *all* ABDL couples are stronger than all *regular* couples.

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    I disagree - I don't think anything specific like ab / Dl stuff makes a relationship any stronger.

    either it's working out well or it doesn't... there is no general rule set besides good communication that will tell how strong a relationship could be - and there's hardly a way to compare different relationships as we all are different.

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    I think if it's a bad relationship, ABDL stuff may only complicate matters further, making everyone involved more miserable.

    In a GOOD relationship, however, yes, I think ABDL can make it stronger. It adds an entirely new layer to a relationship, as you pointed out. You love your partner not just romantically, but as a parent/protector, or/and as an innocent you need to take care of and love. When I think about my partner, I feel three things: tingly happy love (for my GF), utter devotion and adoration (for my Mummy) and a huge swelling of parental pride (for my little girl). In a 'normal' relationship I wouldn't have that. So for me, being an ABDL has made us stronger.

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    If a couple is an AB chances are they are very open about their needs and wants. Communication is a key component in maintaining a relationships satisfaction. Not just communication but supportive communication. I don't think there are any statistics on AB couples but something similar could be the Swinger Community. The divorce rate in the swinger community is less than 10%!!!

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    As others have said, you make your bond stronger by sharing exclusive activities. Mentally and emotionally, you cannot conceive of doing many things with anyone but your fiance, and likewise. It's why "regular couples" give each other pet names, have inside jokes, etc.

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    My wife and I have been together for 8+ years. It's not stronger because of the daddy/baby relationship. It's stronger because of what that relationship "REQUIRES". Profound trust, communication skills, and of course, a strong relationship. Without those factors, you wouldn't probably have the AB/DL relationship in which you are currently engaged.

    I would stipulate that the intimacy factor of our interests, makes a deeper connection more easily attainable with our life mates. But it is not a given for even situation that it would be.

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