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    Well apparently word hates me -.-....

    I've been trying to get word to work for a while now, and I lost part of the story I'm writing from this too -,- thank god the recovery at least got most of it.

    Anyways, whenever I click save it gets to the file area then it says Word has a glitch and it ends. Then it opens 29 blank documents. I tried doing the detect and repair, which didn't work it didn't even find my installation cd -.-...

    So I'm kind of mad, someone from a tech help site said to delete some files and force word to re-register, which I might do if I can't find anything else to do, but I really don't want to delete them in case I can't get it to work afterwards -,- plz help.

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    So far it's just word, although I don't use any other office programs and I haven't checked them so they might not be working either, I'll go check right now.

    nope only word.

    and i tried doing the registry thing, because at this point I don't care I really need word -,-. And I saved the key and everything, but it won't let me delete the original...

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    Did you try uninstalling it and them re-installing Word using the orginal disc? Your computer should let you remove Word completely. Go to your Control Panel, then go to Add/Remove programs and remove the program from your system completely. If that doesn't work, I recommend taking your CPU in to a repair shop(Best Buy, Circuit City etc.) and seeing if they can fix it for you. It doesn't cost that much at my local shop. I have never taken my computer in to Best Buy, so I don't know about their prices.

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    I would but I have some urrr programs that I don't think they would be happy about -.- and some music too....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Samaki View Post
    I would but I have some urrr programs that I don't think they would be happy about -.- and some music too....
    What about buying a 4 or 8 gigabyte flash drive, moving the programs and music to it, and then taking it in? That's what I did with all of my diaper pictures when I had to take my computer in. It was a good thing I did too, because it tunred out that they had to wipe my harddrive.

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    that would probably be a good idea, but I do have more than just that and I don't know what's illegal and what isn't at this point... I've DLed WAYYYY to much stuff...

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    The best bet I think would be to reinstall word. I know word has messed up on me a few times. But I havn't had a problem like this. Usually, I don't like taking a PC to repair shop (could do a better job myself!) as I don't want the staff there to look through my harddrive be it empty or full of private files. I still have a fair number of financial and other personal information on there. All encypted, but still not the point.

    Anyway, what version of word are you using and what (if any) are the error messages popping up? As it would be worth googling "word <version> <quote error message here> save file" Or something to that effect.

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    I can give you Office 97 if you wish to replace it. Granted, it's old, but it doesn't use findfast.exe, doesn't whore memory and works like a dream. It's not the memory whoring stuff most of us are used to from Microsoft.

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    I'm using a 2003.

    there is a file that it says that they will send to microsoft maybe i shoudl delete that or something O.o

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