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Thread: Ortho problems/ teeth shifting and paci's

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    Default Ortho problems/ teeth shifting and paci's

    Has anyone's teeth moved since they started using a paci? I went through 4 years of braces and I want to keep my teeth straight.

    I could wear my top retainer during the day but my built in bottom retainer won't prevent buck teeth/ teeth sticking out forward.

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    I don't think they would cause any damage if you only have it occasionally. They can cause teeth problems in toddlers but that's because they have it in their mouth all the time. That and younger gums/teeth are more sensitive.

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    I think I'm on the 3rd month straight with a paci in my mouth, but I only got my braces off during the summer. I went to the dentist today who said my teeth were still perfect. (Although I do suck with my retainer in.)

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    Through last 16 - 18 years without notificable movement +/- daily user. It has something with mode of using your paci.

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    After a bit of a hiatus, I started using a pacifier a lot more frequently in early 2008, and since then I think my teeth have moved. However, I can't be sure it's entirely due to the pacifier. I had a bout with extreme jaw pain, and I'm still not sure what caused it -- what seemed to finally make it stop was a mouth guard that my dentist made to prevent me from grinding my teeth at night, and some exercises that a physical therapist had me do to try to change how I habitually place my jaw when I bite down. So now my jaw is usually in a different position from where it used to usually be, and I have this mouth guard thing that I put on my lower teeth every few nights. And then there's the pacifier. I feel as if my teeth are in a different position than they used to be, but which of these things is it? I don't know.

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    I sleep with my binky every night and wake up with it in almost every morning. I'm thinking I use my paci quote a bit.

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    Getting my orthodontist P.H.D. at Internet U, I can safely suggest that when the roots of teeth get to maturity then you should be safe from shifting teeth.

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    Good to know. My wife is allways hassleing me about mine. I finally had to break down and have a tantrum about how much I wanted mine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ivee View Post
    Good to know. My wife is allways hassleing me about mine. I finally had to break down and have a tantrum about how much I wanted mine.
    I wonder if this would be the ultimate example for wives to buy pacifiers for their husbands...

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    I used to sleep with mine in about every night from babyhood till I was about 15, and I made a real mess of my top teeth doing it. I had braces to fix the damage, and I'm now very cautious about using my paci too often (especially overnight) since I don't want buck teeth again!

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