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Thread: Early or late riser?

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    Default Early or late riser?

    Just wondered whether people preferred walking up early, staying in bed a little longer than they should or of course somewhere in between?

    I personally love early mornings, just an hour or so before the rest of the country gets around to waking up. There's not much traffic and people noise, the birds are tweeting but they're not competing against the urban drone, there's usually wild animals wandering around in the quieter areas and there's some days where the clouds look absolutely beautiful just as the suns rising. Even on a chilly clear winters morning where the mist settles over fields and water, things look so beautiful but it doesn't normally hang around for long to enjoy it. Everything very much alive but incredibly calm at the same time Tend to find it easier to think and concentrate early on as well.

    There are of course the occasional day where hiding under the duvet for a little longer seems far more preferable!

    So, how about everyone else?
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    I normally sleep as much as I can. Meaning that, if I don't have anything planned for the morning (working on my own I don't have a typical day schedule), I'll probably sleep till noon, or later. If I've gone to sleep particularly late, it's not uncommon for me to even wake up in the afternoon.

    On the other hand, there are days where my job makes me wake up very early, and when I get to experience the peculiarities of early mornings you vividly explained (which I love too) I can't avoid thinking that even waking up early may have its advantages. That's why I like bad weather, this way I can sleep till late without the regret of loosing a beautiful day outside!

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    I like to stay in bed for as long as possible, if it were up to me I'd rarely get out before twelve but unfortunately I don't have that luxury except during the weekends.

    I envy you though, I'd like to be able to get out early and get some more hours out of the day but it just feels so bad to get up early and makes me feel tired for most of the day.

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    I prefer waking up early, but I also prefer late nights and so I rarely do. If I do get up early I usually feel awful because I won't have had enough sleep. I would like to get into the habit of going to bed early so that I could get up early and go for a nice walk or cycle to start my day off, but I am a typical child when it comes to going to bed - I hate bedtime and want to stay up as late as I can. I love being awake when no-one else is around, and all the things you described are exactly the reasons why I love early mornings. I also love early mornings because it means that I have the whole day ahead of me - on the days when I wake up particularly late and it is closer to lunch than breakfast time I always feel like I have missed so much of the day. I usually go to bed between 12 - 10am and aim for 8 hours in bed so on my days off I usually get up sometime between 9 and 10am - later than 10:30 would be very late (my kitty would be miaowing for her breakfast and batting my face to get up by then) and before 8:30 would be very early for me.

    I do love snuggling in bed in the mornings though - I am not someone who wakes up and instantly leaps out of bed. I usually lie in bed for close to an hour after waking up (also takes me a similar amount of time to fall asleep most nights) just daydreaming and enjoying being all snuggly with my kitty and bunny plushie. Although I hate going to bed once I am there it is a very happy place

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    I generally go to bed between 12 and 1. Depending on that time, I either can get up early the next morning, or I'll end up asleep until 11 or so. If I go to bed very late, I end up getting up for 12 or 1 in the afternoon...

    Ideally, I like getting up early enough that you have a whole day ahead of you - I find if I'm up too late I've lost most of the day! But I'm terrible at getting up straight away, I prefer to doze on and off for a little - such an awesome doze!

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    I don't like to waste the day, so I generally wake up early.

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    I normally go to bed very late and get up early, but sometimes I just canīt get up and sleep for about 12 hours...or even longer

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    I usually wake up around 4 - 4:30 mostly so I can do homework and listen to music.

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    Doing homework at 4? Hope itīs nothing too complicated then xD

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    Late for sure

    During the summer I normally set my sleep pattern to going to bed about 3, and waking up at 11 or noon.

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