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Thread: Oldest Anime You Remember

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    Question Oldest Anime You Remember

    I recently received a revelation about Anime from my kids. I was telling them about some of the animated shows I used to watch as a kid. When I mentioned seeing "Astro Boy" they were real surprised, and said that was an early Japanese Anime series. I didn't know that! It aired around 1960 to 1962 or thereabouts and came on around 6:00/6:30pm on one of the Washington, DC channels. We lived in Baltimore and only had rabbit ears on top our old TV, so it always came in snowy looking. All I knew about the show was that the animation was a lot different from animation originating in the U.S. Now I know why it looked different! So, I'm naturally curious about the existence of other Anime shows aired over here in past years. What's the oldest Anime you remember seeing? I imagine there weren't a great deal of them in the past.


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    Pokemon/Digimon maybe? At the moment I can't think of any others that I may have seen

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    'Speed Racer' was my first great anime hero (before anyone knew to call it anime), starting about age four for me, I think. 'Gigantor' predated him by a few years, but I was too young to have any recollection of that series. After 'Speed Racer', there wasn't any anime on TV for a while in my area until 'Star Blazers' (known in Japan as 'Space Battleship Yamato') started in when I was in middle school. We knew it was from Japan, but it was just another source of animated stuff. What sold it was its dramatic qualities, which outside of 'Jonny Quest', were rare in US animated series.

    After 'Star Blazers', I don't recall seeing any anime series on TV until the arrival of 'DragonBall Z' started things rolling again in the US with a vengeance.

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    Dragon Ball and Sailor Moon were probably the first anime I remember watching.

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    Dragon ball Z was def one of the first, i disliked it and still do today, but whatever was on i would watch.

    I think Hamtaro was also one of the first things I can remember, it's never on anymore but I liked it a bit, at least I think it was one of the first things... if not it then def pokemon.

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    The Flinstones, The Jetsons, or school house rock.

    Tough those were all done before I was born I think.

    The ones from my time had to be Rugrats and The New adventures Of Whinnie The Pooh. Also some cartoon segments of Eureka's Castle from Nick. I mainly recall hippos playing Tennis from that lol.

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    I remember Astroboy and Speed race when I was a kid in the 70's. But the first I really fell in love with was Battle of the Planets (G-Force and/or Gatchman where other names). The next thing was Robotech in the 80's. That was the show that really made me a fan. NOw I have a collection that just keeps growing. I am very picky though. I must have a good story. The cuteness factor is not a big requirement.

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