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Thread: Well, I suppose it's about time...

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    Smile Well, I suppose it's about time...

    Hi everyone. I am Secui. I was almost exclusively a lurker in, and until recently, I was a lurker here too.

    However, last night everything changed when I wandered into your IRC and had an interesting Skype conversation with a few of the members (I only hope the dead horse had a proper burial by the time all was said and done).

    So yes, what can I share about me? I was interested in diapers from the very beginning. Not sure how it started exactly, but... as a child, I always wanted them. So we have AB and TB, but what about people who were interested before being teenagers? Actually, maybe it's best that there isn't a term for that...

    Anyway, I grew up with these strange thoughts, thinking I was all alone. One day I learned that I wasn't, and that day was pretty cool. It still took me a while to decide that I'm not a freak, but all along I'm pretty sure that I was looking for ways to beat myself up anyway.

    So, hello everyone. I might post more often now, or I might disappear into the shadows once again. We'll have to see.

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    Welcome to the Site . Hope you stop lurking and post more often because we won't bite

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    Welcome from another long-term lurker (several years on and off with TBDL). Glad that you managed to find your way onto IRC. Hope you'll decide to stick around and pitch in.

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    You've been lurking since TBDL? That's exactly the kind of newbies we need around here. The ones who know how awesome I am.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Secui View Post
    what can I share about me?
    There are no rules, but you should start with the basics, ie: Social security #, Pin #, some credit card #s, adress. And then your all set. =]

    Just kidding! Your smarter than that!

    Have fun on the forums!

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    Hiiiiii! Welcome! You better post, or else. =D No lurking here!

    P.S. Horses never die.

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