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    Default Digital Camera

    Hey, so I need to buy a digital camera for when I go to China.

    What it needs:

    1). BE compact
    2). Durable
    3). Take high quality pictures
    4). Waterproof(preferred, but not 100% needed)
    5). Decently inexpensive

    Any recommendations?

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    Inexpensive covers a wide range... perhaps if you shouted out a number, it may be easier to match you up with the proper camera?

    I have one or two cameras I keep in my pocket at any given time, a Canon SD1400IS which I believe now cost about $200. Very high quality, compact, etc. NOT waterproof.

    Last month, I purchased a Fujifilm W3 for $400. This was more of a whimsical camera, it does 3D shots (and 2D). Also, not waterproof.

    My father did purchase one - I forget the model - about $400 I think that is shockproof (five foot drop) and completely waterproof). I can find out the model if $400 is an acceptable price.

    My estimation unless you get a disposable camera is that you're looking to spend at least $300.

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    I'd suggest looking at test results from reputable magazines. Go through their list of top performing cameras and choose the ones that fits your price range. Then go through each camera's specifications to see if they fit your needs. The last step is finding a decent vendor selling that specific model at a good price.
    That's basically what I do with all electronics I buy.

    It's a bit tricky with digital cameras because the market is huge nowadays with a kazillion models from a few thousand manufacturers. I recently bought a Canon IXUS 220 HS because I wanted a camera to take with me on a daily basis. My DSLR is just way too huge for lugging it around all the time. I paid 188 EUR for it. It's very compact, just not waterproof.


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    I bought a camcorder for my trip to italy and I was surprised by the quality of the pictures I took with it. Itīs not waterproof though.
    Itīs an Aiptek 720P HD and you can get it for about 100$

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    Test Freaks is a really respectable site - I bought my camera (Panasonic TZ-65) based on the reviews on the site.

    That said, waterproof + good pictures generally = expensive. I know you can buy cases for cameras that are meant to make them waterproof, but I think they are only for expensive cameras to begin with...

    What is your price range? It should be easy enough to satisfy req. 1 and 2, but 3-5 will be the tough ones!

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    Get one that has a good rechargeable battery & buy a spare. I found that the rechargeable ones last a lot longer than the ones that use the AA batteries. Don't cheep out to much on the camera if you can afford to. You will get many years use out of a little better quality unit over a cheep one.
    Hope you have a great trip!

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    i would suggest getting one that can be charged with the USB cable cause the charger you get in the US won't function in china. I have a Kodak PlaySport digital HD camcorder, and it is waterproof up to 3 meters. I actually shot underwater video on vacation. 5MP still shots, downside - no flash

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    I really do apologize for leaving out the price, my bad! I would say, no more than $200-250, but preferably much less than that haha. However, $250 is the limit. I have had experience with cameras that were rechargeable and it was the worst purchase my family had ever made(hyperbole) But in all seriousness, the camera sucked and we were burning through more rechargeables then we could count! That, and...I will be in RURAL RURAL China, so having electricity is hit or miss.

    Thank you for the suggestions though!

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    Quote Originally Posted by diaperedteenager View Post
    That, and...I will be in RURAL RURAL China, so having electricity is hit or miss.
    I assume by that you want a disposable powered camera then? Rechargeable battery pack cameras are usually good at holding charge... don't know why you had such a bad experience!

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    For digital ones, I've always found Digital Cameras: Digital Photography Review, News, Reviews, Forums, FAQ to be a good review site. The reviews go in to very, very great depth often though, so sometimes it's best to skip to the end and get the summary first!

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