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Thread: Sorry, but really new at this

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    Default Sorry, but really new at this

    I've been shopping around for diapers, particularly ones I can order online using my Flexible Spending Account. So far, the best I think I've found are Tranqulity... the main diapers hold 34 ounces or so, and the pass-through pads hold another 10 oz.

    Does anybody have any real-world experience? It seems like this set up would allow me to do whatever I wanted to do... but I'm terrified of leakage.

    This has probably been brought up before, but if anybody can provide input, I'd really appreciate it.

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    Read the various reviews, it really depends on how you intend to wear them. Also just how much you want to spend. Around your own place an Abena X-plus is a pretty hard to beat, as are Molicare Super Plus and Ultra Active's. Those are all premium diapers and cost upwards of 1.25 each in case quantities. They are also IMHO a little harder to conceal. Check for sample packs, you don't want to end up with a case of something you don't like.
    Tranquility ATN's are a favorite of mine which still have decent capacity, but are thinner, at least while dry. Its a personal choice.

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    Ever thought about Bambino's? I hear they are amazingly absorbant. Don't know the specs though.

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    i used to wear Tranqulity atns and never had troble with leaks unless i messed up on the tapes or slept on my stomach

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    Northshore accepts FSA cards and they carry ABENA's. That is where I order from using my FSA card and haven't had any problems. I have gotten diapers, pads, boosters, and gloves all in one order and used my FSA card.

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