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    24 hours ago I'm pretty sure that if the absolute very last thing on my mind would have been revealed, it would have been sitting here, wearing a diaper and posting to this forum.

    I drank a little too much last night, and, as often happens, I woke up with damp underwear and really, really had to go to the bathroom. Okay. Like, I said, not the first time. But I got the idea that maybe on those kind of nights, it wouldn't be a bad idea to have a supply Depends on hand.

    In my search for more information, I found this forum. Suddenly, the unhappy idea of wearing "adult protective undergarments" seemed full of potential. I pee in the shower because it's fun to just let loose. And, I've always had this running joke that when a girlfriend says "I have to pee," I say, "Can I watch?" A few years ago, the one I was with said, "Sure, if you want to." (It's the only thing I miss about her.)

    Anyway, this morning I ordered some samples. I decided I really wanted to give this a try, so I went to the drugstore... I'm not shy about what I buy, but it was kind of comforting that clerk looked about 107 years old.

    So, I here I am, in my diaper, feeling both comfortable and excited... and researching what would work for taking a leak while walking down Main Street (and that I can buy with FSA card, since such products are covered).

    It was like getting hit by a lightning bolt...

    Anyway, in real life, I work in the tech business. I read a lot, write a lot and love playing rhythm video games. I can't imagine living life without a cat in the house (it's so cool that the littlest domestic kitten and the alpha cat of a lion pride aren't that very different).

    Anything else you want to know?

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    Great intro! Congrats for the sudden DL awakening, and welcome on board!

    Given the premises, I'm sure you'll love exploring this fascinating world.

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