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    I guess I would classify myself as a diaper wearer. I've never opened up or mentioned any bit of this part of myself to anybody, so I'm a little uncomfortable posting here (actually, I thought the *required* profile fields were excessive). It's also not something I'm particularly proud of, but after getting many prompts on this site that I couldn't continue to lurk without registering, I got frustrated and bit the bullet. My level of comfort with opening up here is probably partly related to my interests, though also partly related to my shyness and general common sense about what should or should not be posted online.

    In my personal life, I tend to follow political and technical issues surrounding privacy and security, particularly the types of things EFF works on and things where privacy or anonymity is critical. That obviously includes this website, but there are others (which I may or may not have been involved in), such as forums of political dissent, where a breach of privacy can mean the end of someone's life at the hands of an oppressive regime.

    By trade, I am in my 20's and an undergraduate in college. I'd rather not say my major here because it's rather unique (and despite claims to the contrary it WILL show up in Google), but my area of study is closely related to my area of interest. Although I'm in school, I also work part time in information technology. Most of my work is in web development, but I also provide general end-user support and write scripts for servers/desktops as needed. When I'm not working on schoolwork or for my job, I am usually involved in some form of political activism, programming project, or reading/moderating Slashdot comments. I have also played Yu-Gi-Oh, but between class and work I haven't had time or money to effectively keep up with it for a while.

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    Welcome to the site!

    I appreciate the *required* fields are rather numerous, but it acts as a good filter for trolls. Also, you don't have to relay any personally identifiable information - offering/requesting advice does not have to be personal for you. From my limited knowledge on privacy issues, it should be fairly easy to keep psedo-anonymous data from relating back to you?

    I hope that in time you will be able to share *vague* information to allow us to get to know you better; it will help you get any support you might need from us.

    Your trade and personal life sounds very interesting, I certainly wonder how much could be patched together from what I say on here - that said, I expect you'd need a lot of keyword analysis to really uniquely identify me!

    Welcome again!

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    Hello 8ps, welcome to ADISC,

    Good to see there's people standing up for privacy and freedom on the Internet. Things such as the recent 'protect ip' act proposal should not be allowed to exist in a democracy as they open the door to mass censorship.
    I try to keep up-to-date with most developments in regards to privacy and the Internet but I don't really have the energy to engage in any activism myself.

    I hope you'll find what you're looking for here on ADISC.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eeyore View Post
    I certainly wonder how much could be patched together from what I say on here - that said, I expect you'd need a lot of keyword analysis to really uniquely identify me!
    I seem to recall a demonstration at DefCon sometime in the past few years on doing just that, specifically with some guy's interests, location, and birthdate lifted from his Facebook profile, but I can't find it right now as it would be really interesting to look at right now. It boiled down to "how many bisexual/questioning males with birthdate DD/MM/YY live in this city" and from that uncovered who he was and where he lived.

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    Hi 8ps, welcome to ADISC from another Ohioan. You mentioned you guess you classify yourself as a diaper wearer. I am naturally curious in the specifics - the when's/why's/how's etc...

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